11 Ways To Become a Millionaire

The goal of all of us is to be able to find the ways to become a millionaire within a short period of time and with nothing or a very small budget.

Making a million dollar looks like a lot especially if you never made a high figure income.

It might seams like obstacle objective but in reality one thousand eight hundred new millionaire are created each day which is an equivalent of six hundred and fifty seven thousand millionaire per year.

The question is how can they become a millionaire? and also; How can I do the same and become a millionaire? It’s all about positioning and how valuable you are at the market place.

1. Open an Account With AliExpress and Start Dropshipping Company With Your Own Private Label

Dropshipping is a type of sales where you can find a supplier at Alibaba who will also create your packages and labels and shipping on your behalf.


All you have to do is to bring in the sales and do the marketing to sell more and more.

Let say if you find a supplier who sells Herbal pain reliving patch for $0.6 per item.

Then you can sell them for $5 each.

Then you have to find the clients, when you make a sale then send an email to the supplier with the quantity of the orders and the address with the payment cost of the items to the supplier.

the supplier will ship the items on your behalf and then you can keep all the profits for yourself.

It’s one of the best and easiest ways to make sales with confidence.

2. Be in The Top one percent of A High-Income Profession

If you are specialized in your field of study and you know what you are doing you will get a high income salary and easily become a millionaire within a short period of time.

Doctors, Lawyers, and Managers are the top high paying professions almost everywhere.

They can make in average over one hundred sixty thousand dollar per year and if you are in one of those fields of specialized you can increase your income very easily.

The highest paying job with lowest various is sales and if you know how to make sales you can make a lot of money.

Sales persons can make more than professional doctors and lawyers easily in sales if they know how to sale.

A good sales person in a very high ticket company can earn almost quarter of million per year which makes him/her a millionaire after few years.

My recommendation is that you should take a professional sales course in order to become an expert in your sales skills and make a significant income within a very short period of time without any budget.

How Hard Is to Make $1 Million on Sales?

If you’re a professional sales person and working for a high ticket company as a sales person, if you make a commission of less than 3% you are able to make almost three hundred thousands per year on sale commission.

Let say if you’re selling a product which is a minimum of $10,000 each and 3% of that then thousand will be, three hundred per sale.

By selling 5 items per day you will make $1500 per day which is almost $45000 per month and you will make $540,000 per year and after two years you are a millionaire.

That was just an small example of high ticket sales and there are many sales persons who are making a lot more that our example.

As per you see in our above example, you don’t need to put any investment or high education. All you need is a sales and marketing skills which you can learn it in small and short term courses.

3. Become a Millionaire by Writing Books That Sells Well

Writing books is not an easy task to do and it’s not good for everyone but it is possible to become a millionaire writing books.

The best books sellers also needs a good audience who are willing to purchase their books and interested in their topics.

If you’re good at writing, just keep writing and writing until one of your books becomes famous and all you need is to sale 10,000 books to become one of the best sellers.

Nowadays, you can publish your own books online and using amazon or kindle to sell your books online and just print them on demand.

However, if you want to make more sells you always need an audience which is them main point of any type of sells.

You can have a blog or channel in order to build up your audience who are interested at your books and love your writing and will pay to purchase your books.

Writing books may takes time but when you get into the rule you’re the winner of the game and you will become a millionaire within a short period of time.

How Long Does it Takes to Make One Million Dollar Selling Books?

No one knows how to answer such a question but all I do suggest is that you have to keep writing and publishing  it online or in paper until one of your books become famous and you will be the winner of the game.

You can’t please everyone and for sure people are having various tastes of interest in reading.

Some love to read novels and the others love to read fantasy books. You just keep writing about anything that comes into your mind and publish it and try to present it to your audience.

4. Starting a New Small Business in a Field you Are Familiar With

Starting a business is a very tiring process especially when you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s not just the money that you invest in any type of businesses, it’s the time and energy that you put in to the business in order to success.

You’ll have to be creative and make sure you know what you do and what your goal is.

Try to market a crazy idea and make sells.

If you are creative you can make a great ideas and create your own business and patent it under your name.

Examples of small businesses that you can make a million within a short period of time:
  1. Build a cosmetic brand
  2. Create an online unique Courses
  3. Flipping goods (real-estates, websites, existing businesses, clothes and so on)
  4. Start a Consulting Company

5. Trademark to A Big Company

If you are a creative person, you can easily invent something and patent under your name.

Engineers or Designers are able to create and invent a new items or technology and they can sit on the gold earn by their inventions.

Many of the inventors don’t have the money to do the production and as a result they sell the licence to big companies and get a percentage over their sales.

By doing that you will become a millionaire within a very short period of time

Since patent is expensive, there are other ways to patent your own inventor if you don’t have money yet for your licence.

  • Document all your files and step by step by writing your product or invention in extreme details.
  • Save your documents in a CD or a USB drive and ship it to yourself in a sealed envelop.
  • You should never open the envelop or break the seal.
  • By doing that your envelop will have the date and stamps from the date you’ve got the envelop with all your documents and you can proof it that you were the first person who invented this creator.

6. Invest in ICO Cryptocurrency?

What is ICO? ICO is an Initial Coin Offering which is a type of cryptocurrencies that backed up with real 24k gold.

KaratBars bars

The main idea of inventing ICO is often used to fund the development of new cryptocurrencies and advance sells of new cryptos.

For the past few years investment in crypto currencies is one of the top stunishing way of making money within a short period of time.

So, company is issuing tokens in a discounted prices for certain period of time to create a digital services and collect the funding.

If the company success, your amount of tokens will sky-rise and you will become a millionaire with a very short period of time.

You have to make sure to invest in an ICO which is well known and has a solid team behind them since there are many non valuable ICOs in the market.

I do suggest to invest in an ICO which is well known and backed with a real value such as gold. The following ICO is the best ICO investment which is now at lowest price of $0.14 per token until September, 2019, click here for more information or do the investment.

Try to become an affiliate with one of those ICO companies and become one of their investors and when the company raised the funding and starts to sell tokens the price of the tokens will sky-rise based on the demands.

Cryptocurrencies are based on the block-chain technology which is the future of all type of currencies with an initial values behind them.

Every single crypto transactions will disrupted by the block-chain technology, no matter on which type of crypto you are investing on and it will be safe and secure.

7. Saving Money in Long Term Investment

The compound interest of 7% annual return of investment is the regular mutual funds investments

However, if you are able to save 10% of your annual income and put them in the mutual funds with 7% annual return it will take a long time for you to become a millionaire.

Moreover, I have a better idea for you to play around your saving and make more money from it within shorter period of time.

You can put your money in the S&P 500 index which is an American stock market index based on the market place of top 500 largest companies which are having common stock listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

If one of the companies not performing well it will take your investment out and put it into others who are making more and you’ll be able to get in average of 10% yearly return.

Is There a Shortcut To Make a Million Dollar in Stocks such as S&P 500?

How and why almost the majority of stock moves begin after new chart patterns form?


First of all chart patterns which are known as bases are usually seeing usually in nice gain of 30% or more.

That lift is usually comes after the nice lift up but it won’t stay up forever and the sad part is that at this point begins to pull back and decries.

It can be for many reasons such as broad market rally runs out of steam or some larger investors are selling to lock in profits or one of the company reported weaker than it was expected to be.

However, a temporary pull back is not unusual in the stock market and it’s like when you are climbing the mountains  and you have to stop once in the while in order to rest and catch your breathing again.

The stock market is the same.

As an investor, some investors will get in too late right before the pullback and stock retreads which makes them left with a big lost as the stock continues to slide down.

At some point large investors stop selling and start buying that stops the bleeding and starts from the bottom of new chart.

By the way the one who bought late and just lost when they just bought their stocks right at the beginning of the chart falls want to cut losses or break even by just as soon as they see the stock starts climbing and they can cover their losses.

The prospects of the big companies will be very happy to buy stocks from the late investors at any price because they know that their stocks are climbing up.

As a result the share prices continues to rise and then we come to the testing ground.

Then stocks will check the handle of the base, the point is that the stock has to prove its strength, that’s why they’re using resistance levels to identify the buying points.

The price of which was the startup of the shares.

You can’t buy too early or too late and you have to wait for the stock to complete pattern and clear the buying point in order to gain with stock market.

That reduces your risk with confidence.

8. Create a Blog With Subscription Service Makes You a Millionaire?

If you make a subscription service which requires the users to pay a certain amount of money in the monthly basis, you can sell your services to your audience.

For example if you have 5000 people who will buy your monthly services for $20 per month and after one year you are able to make $1,200,000 per year.

If your audience are less you can sell your services for higher price in order to make a million dollars per year.

All you have to do is to make sure you have enough audience who are interested at your goods and services and will pay to purchase or pay for your services in a regular basis.

An example of this type of services is NETFLIX with a membership fee of $8.99 and 125 millions of subscribers in 2018, which makes $1,123000000 per year.

9. Work For A Multi Millionaires

Fine yourself a mentor who can guide you how to become successful millionaire in the right way.

They are open to help you grow and be able to stand up on your own feet and become a millionaire by opening your own multi-million company.

By providing guidance and opportunities which you couldn’t have access if you were not already in their system and involved with their day to day activities.

If they trust you they will be happy to bring you into their organization with care.

10. Create Your YouTube Channel

For the last couple of years YouTube is one of the best place for your business to grow and at the same time to make a full time job by just make videos on the niche which you are expert at.

It’s all about who is watching your videos and what type of advertising you can have in order to make money out of your videos.

All depends on the amount of viewers and subscribers and you should follow YouTube policies as well.

If you are good with your video making it will be a good source of passive income.

11. Make an App

If you are an app programmer of will be able to outsource it to other companies to create you apps you can make tons of money for each app.

Nowadays, smart devices are using apps for almost any type of services, games, entertainments and more, which you can make millions of dollars if you are creative to make an app that can make money easily.

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