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Best Ways to Make Money from Home for Moms Who Are Lazy

Making money from home is always a good idea for the stay at home moms.

Busy moms are always looking for an easy way to be able to make money from home.

If you’re a stay at home mom who’s too busy and lazy at the same time to wake up in the morning, there are so many options for you to generate passive income from home.

You don’t have to be an expert or have any special experience to run your own business.

You just need to choose the best option that suits your situation.

Below I’m listing some of the best ways that lazy moms can use to support their own income or build a new source of revenue.

Financial Freedom Just ahead

1 . Start an online business

Fortunately, the internet has made it possible to work from home and make lots of money.

As a mom, you must be very busy and not able to work outside home.

Nowadays, just one income is not enough, so it’s better to find an easy way to have some extra sources of income.

Internet gives you the chance to do lots of things that sometimes can make lots of money.

For example, you can sell many things on ebay or other online stores.

You can sell your own home made products as well such as hand crafts, bread, cookies and so on.

Websites like kijiji or craigslist can be a big help to sell your extra stuff and make some extra money and get rid of the things that you don’t need anymore.

Start a Professional Online Business

What I explained above is for those moms who knows nothing about the internet and online business. But if you are smart enough and you know a little about internet, you can start more professional online business and make money professionally.

There are several options that I’m explaining below but there are so many other opportunities.

For example,  if you are good in writing you can create eBooks, and sell them online through the sites like clickbank or amazon.

You can also make resumes and help people to update their online profiles.

You can do recruiting as well by become a freelancer recruiter.

After a while that you become more experienced you can host webinars to teach the other moms to work and make money from home.

You can help them to run their own online business while you charge them a fee.

2 . Babysitting

Since you’re a staying at home mom and you take care of your own young child or children, there is a good idea to take care of few more children at the same time and make some extra money.

Depending on the rules and regulations of your country or state, you might need a license, space regulations and quantity of the children per person.

3 . Catering

All the moms know how to make food and there are many people who don’t have time to cook homemade meals.

That gives you an opportunity to open your own catering business at home.

Different dishes and menus with a fair price.

You can get orders for special events as well.

4 . Hairdressing

If you are creative, talented and patient you are a good candidate to become a beauty professional.

In order to become a hairdresser you require a license because it is considered as a professional career.

You have options to work from home, work for someone on commission or have your own shop.

There are many clients and it’s on going business since people always need to cut their hair at least once a month plus other services that you can offer.

Generally, hairdressing is one of the best options for the moms to make money from home.

5 . Altering

Altering is another good way of making money from home.

If you know how to sew, you can easily have a very good income from home.

There are not many people who know to do some repairs or buttons and so on, if you’re good with altering you can make a fortune.

6 . Translation

If you know know foreign languages, there is a very good way of making money with your language skills.

However, in order to become an official translator you require a license as well.

You can translate documents and become a certified court translator.

7 . Copyrighting

You can write advertising articles for companies and make money from your own home.

If you’re creative with design talents you’re the best candidate to become a copywriter.

It’s a type of marketing using copyrighting for the companies and it well make you happy with your financial situation.

Nowadays, copyrighting is very important for all the businesses especially the new established businesses.

You can have your own online business by just doing copyrighting for companies from your own home.

 8 . Programming

Programming is one of the professions that can make lots of money if you know how to use your skills.

Many companies are hiring freelancers to takes care of their applications and data processing.

You can do IT freelancing from home with just a use of your own computer and the internet.

By doing that you can easily make lots of money just from comfort of your own home.

If you’re talented, smart and creative, you can create your brand applications and sell them to companies in needs of those applications.

9 . Data-entry

Many companies like to outsource their data entries and if you are able to type fast, you’re the best candidate for that types of jobs.

All you have to do is just to find your clients and then start your data entry.

This is the most easiest and low cost at home based online business which in today’s lifestyle you can take the advantages of having high commission financial resources.

If you have a high speed and reliable internet access, a high end computer, scanner, printer and a shredder you’re good to go and have your own home based business.

10 . Web Design

Web Design is one of the most money making skill nowadays.

Almost all the companies are in needs of stunning websites that represents their services and products.

You can make lots of money from the comfort of your own home by doing web design.

For sure you need to be a professional in order to become a web designer as well as have a good vision and points of views.

Web design is an important part of business marketing.

For sure you need professional software and licensing as well but it is one of the best home based money making machines.

11 . Graphic Design

Being able to create visual effects is one of the high level qualifications.

Thanks to the new technologies and many software that you can use to create professional graphic designs within a very short time.

Having a desire to use your natural creativity talent and using it with the proper application you can have your own at home business.

You can develop production designs layouts for consumers.

The products such as brochures, business cards, templates, flyers, magazines and so on can be done by you at your own private business and brings money easily.

12 . Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is a science of optimizing the web pages to receive targeted traffic from the search engines like google.

All the internet marketer have to know how to optimize the web pages so that they receive free targeted traffic from the search engines.

It is a professional job that not everybody is able to do.

However, it’s not too complicated at all and if you’re here on this web page and reading this article, you can learn how to optimize web pages too.

There are lots of free articles and resources to learn how to optimize the web pages.

As a mom who wants to make money from home, search engine optimization is one of the best ways.

Once you learn how to do it which is so easy as I explained, you can open an account with websites like upwork.com and work as a freelance search engine optimizer.

13 . Proofreader

If you have experience as a proofreader and have editing skills, this can be a great alternative for moms keen about making money from home.

Companies regularly hire individuals for fine tuning their content and make corrections in written matter that need to be published.

Either these types of job listings are available over the internet, or you could even get details from your contact and utilize your network for these jobs.

Usually, no fees are charged for enabling you to work from home.

Alternatively, you can also use your proofreading skills for becoming a content editor or quality assurance personnel.

14 . Baking

In the list of work from home jobs for stay at home moms, this one is a pretty interesting option.

I am sure most of you have tried your hand with baking at some point of time to get that smile of contentment from your little one.

The fact is some of us are not as good as many others.

If you have the knack for baking and enjoy doing it, you can easily make that as a career.

You can cater for small home gatherings to start with and keep expanding operations.

You can always use the social media and what’s app network to spread a word about your product and keep expanding the business as per your convenience.

Additionally, you can also look at holding workshops occasionally, especially for summer vacations or even a birthday special activity.

There is a huge demand for this kind of day-long baking workshops.

15 . Party Organizer

As a mom, you are constantly organizing parties for your kids, be it their birthdays or fun gatherings for summer holidays and what not.

Now imagine if you could earn a living from that?

Well, it is one of the most interesting ways for the stay at home moms to make money.

Depending on the locality that you stay in and the kind of demand that is there you can start running your successful theme-based party organizing business.

This gives you the opportunity to coordinate on phone and step outside the home just for a few hours depending on the necessity of the job.

This time, you can always coordinate with dropping your kids to school and picking them up.

16 . Telephone Interviewer

In case you are wondering if this is a real home jobs for moms or pays fees for your service, you are grossly mistaken.

In fact, this is a rather upcoming area of excellence.

As a telephone interviewer, you can connect with a pre-decided set of audience on a range of issues.

This could be at the behest of organizations undertaking a research or even marketing calls trying to analyze customer needs.

The good news is, depending on the number of hours you can put in, it generates reasonable earnings for the people concerned.

This can be a very effective alternative for moms as they do not need to invest in additional resources.

A telephone with a headset and a laptop is all they require to get started.

Also, the timing schedule for this type of job can be easily adjusted up to your convenience.

They normally have very flexible schedules and multiple timing alternatives. You can look at taking up the most appropriate time slot depending on the kind of attention that your kids would need.

This way you can balance both your home and professional responsibilities well.

17 . Role of a Coordinator

A coordinator can be quite an appropriate option in the list of jobs for moms who want to make some extra money.

Whether you are a project coordinator or a travel coordinator, whether you specialize in research or have experience in sales coordination, you can easily utilize this to make a career at home.

The flexible hours, the ability to adjust timings as per your necessity, you can easily balance your home responsibilities with professional aspirations.

This will also ensure that your financial security is not compromised in any manner, despite addressing home commitments quite efficiently.

18 . Creating A Dog Boarding

For many people who are passionate about their pets, the challenge is about finding them an alternate home when they go for work.

The quality of care and the lack of personalized attention is what irks them the most.

If your house has a reasonable amount of open space, you could easily pursue this career option as a legit home jobs for moms.

Depending on your time and inclination you can decide to accommodate other pets as well in your house as well.

You can take them out for walks and even organize a weekly Vet visit, so that pet owners do not have to run around looking for the right kind of veterinary doctor.

They would be more than happy by simply paying you the charges for caring for their pets.

This being an entirely home-based work, you do not have to worry about stepping out of the home.

You can simultaneously care for your kids, drop them to school and go about all other household chores that you need to do.

19 . Jewelry Designer

For a mom, a home job has to be invariably the type that allows her to spend maximum time at home.

It also needs to be flexible enough to accommodate the different kinds of work responsibilities that you have to manage at home.

In this context, one of the real ways for moms to make money can also be a profitable alternative is undoubtedly that of jewelry designing.

Even if you do not have any previous training in this, you can take online courses and YouTube tutorials to train yourself with the various aspects of jewelry designing.

You can then identify the latest trend and start creating your own line of jewelry.

Marketing this could be a challenge, but you can always organize an exhibition in your living room or participate in the local flea market to start things off.

Additionally, you can also look at opening a Facebook page or listing your products on Amazon for reaching out to a wider audience.

These could work out to be a more sustainable source of expanding your business.

Moreover, this kind of home jobs for moms ensures that they can work only when the kids are resting, or they have completely free time.

So There Are Many Ways to Make Lazy Moms Happy

If you are a stay at home mom, don’t think that there is any dearth of opportunities to realize your aspirations.

For most women, this is a rather challenging phase where they are trying to balance their professional dreams with their motherly instincts.

The child is best with the mother, and the mother can trust no one better than her to care for her child.

Given the advancement in technology, the wider reach of internet and better use of social networking platforms, now women no longer have to choose between kids and profession.

The wide array of options for moms who wants to make money from home ensure that you are able to work on something that suits your talent.

It should also address your need and at the same time, and does not compel you to compromise the time earmarked for your child.

You can always participate in our millionaires club for free and we’ll walk you through step by step training to become part of our successful members.

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