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Bitcoin Scams: Who Are They and How They Scam You?

While it seems bitcoin is scam itself, there are so many others who scam people through bitcoin as well.

I call them bitcoin scams.

The fast that you want to know about the bitcoin scams, and that’s why you are here, means you know what bitcoin is.

However, “what is bitcoin?” is the question that has to be answered first and before I explained about the related scams.

The answer to the question above is; bitcoin is nothing but a so-called cryptocurrency.

It is nothing but a sac full of air.

There are bunch of machines with fast high speed GPUs (Graphic processing units), working to fill out the airbags of nothing and they call it digital currency.

Who are they and how do they scam you, is the next question.

bitcoin con artistsSimply they are bitcoin scams.

Group of geeks just created another scam device.

The real value of each currency is the power of purchasing goods with that currency.

Why Bitcoin Is a Scam and Who Are the Bitcoin Scams?

Normally the amount of gold that you can purchase with each currency is the real standard value of that money.

Currency’s values of each country depends on many good valuable treasures that country has.

Those are as follow;

  • The amount of money in their banks and purchase power of their currency
  • Natural resources
  • Science and Technologies
  • Economy and digital funds
  • Political system control
  • Percentage of educated people
  • Employment rate and digital salaries

Now I’m going to explain each of the points mentioned above in more details, then you can realize about what bitcoin scams are why bitcoin has no real value.

1. Purchase Power of Each Currency

In real money the value is based on purchase power of each currency.

For example; How much do you pay to buy a loaf of bread.

In some countries you pay only few bucks with the same price everyday but in other countries the amount changes on daily bases.

Physical money is what people usually use to buy or sale goods.

Except, if there are online transactions involved, then the pay has a physical value saved in the bank account.

Bitcoin is a scam because it doesn’t have any physical values anywhere.

They say it’s a digital currency.

There is no such thing as a digital value if it’s not initialized by the government.

With technology growing everyday, the amount of scams grow as well.

Bitcoin is one of them and it is just something that became famous because of the media.

Who cares if bitcoin scam machines are producing billions of bits per day or not.

All we can say , is that who ever developed this way of using technology to scam people of is winning nowadays.

People just invest on whatever is growing without doing any diligent and research about it.

Looks like the bitcoin scammers are winning with no control from any government.

2. No Regulation on Bitcoin Scams Cash Values

So far, there are no regulation about bitcoin and none of the banks accepting it as a purchasing currency.

If you search about bitcoin and it’s values, you almost get nothing other than none-scene marketing descriptions.

Bitcoin value grows in the stock market because people keep investing on bitcoin scams blindly because there is no regulation involve.

Currently there is no regulation to control cryptocurrencies which bitcoin is the number 3 in this list so far that produces bitcoin scams.

A group of engineers created that digital cash system with a goal of digital replacement for traditional money or cash.

However, for a big changing plan like money transformation into a digital system, the government should take the control over the tokens.

Eventually, there is no real values behind the bitcoin values presently and they are bitcoin scams so far.

3. Natural Resources of Each Country

Natural resources of countries are very important and effective in the real value of their money.

Bitcoin is not a natural resource but the scammers are using bitcoin mining to brainwash the investors.

As a matter of fact, producing bitcoin requires lots of energies.

Lots of energies means usages of natural resources.

Resources such as mining, agriculture, energy resources such as water and winds power are the most valuable supports of countries treasures.

A group of engineers and geeks created the mining equipment to produce bitcoins and virtual scams.

Those who sell bitcoin mining equipment should be question about their products.

No one knows where the virtual digital money can be use since none of the banks accepted digital funds such as bitcoin yet.

Moreover, the bitcoin scams are near pop bubbles with no cash worth.

4. Technologies as Currency Support Value

Nowadays, growing countries are trying to compete with each-others with technology and how they can advance with better techniques.

Although, bitcoin is a smart way of using technology to scam people but doesn’t count as any countries money support value.

There are bitcoin machines with very fast GPUs (Graphic processing units) sometimes plus the CPU that produces bitcoins.bitcoin farm with mining machines

So what do they produce? They are doing fast financial transactions for financial institutions and banks and they get pay for their service.

Basically, they are offering a service to financial institutions and they sell their services as a currency!

Bitcoin mining is what those machines are doing.

They are processing transactions over the network with high speed GPUs which doesn’t make any sense to be part of stock market.

What those bits at stock markets are use for is the question.

Bit is a binary digit and smallest unit in computers, which contains 0 or 1  that are designed to store data.

Digital currency of bitcoin are bubble data. They are scams with no initialed legal values.

Intrinsically, the bitcoin scammers are taking the advantages of using technology by mining bubbles data and sell them.

5. Economy and Money Values

Money value of each country has direct affect on the economy of the country.

If the money value goes down, the power of purchasing goods will automatically go down as well.

Purchase power of the citizens will decrease if the currency value goes down.

How much money is it worth for people make and what they can buy or spend it on can measure the economy’s level of countries.

With bitcoin there is no worth value involve since it is a service charge.

So, we can tell bitcoin itself is scam since there is no economic worth behind it.

In order to make bitcoin scams a real bitcoin currency is that the government of each country initials a monetary worth to the cryptocurrencyies such as bitcoin.

They can initialize the daily rate of the digital money by exchanging it with the amount of the real cash values.

For instance, every day the government transform the certain amount of cashes from the central banks into digital cash.

Doing this, will initial a real value to any cryptocurrency  digital currency list to protect the nature and eco-friendly environment.

Slowly transforming the cryptocurrency into a cash values by using token protocol smart system.

Bitcoin scams are bubbles currently and are going to pop soon or in the near future if the government doesn’t try to take the advantage of token technology.

Science behind the digital funds idea is a brilliant idea but it should be initialized with the real money worth.

How Political System Affects the Money Value

Government meeting about digital technology currency

Political system is a very important elements in regards to currency’s actual values for any countries.

If the government’s political plans goes wrong the affect can make a huge damage in that society.

Each political group have their own plans and agendas that they are planning to do based on their political views.

However, Not All Governors Working in Favor of Their Country and Citizens.

Some of them are applying their own opinions and using their power in order to force their own believes to people with no political rules.

Those types of governors are the best market place for the modern countries to brainwash them in their own favor.

Usually, the main goal for modern countries’ political system is to sell their goods to the third worlds countries.

Because in modern countries, politicians are all highly educated and their duty is about improving the economic system level of their country.

Furthermore, modern countries political systems are taking the advantages of third worlds countries poor political systems.

Creating problems in order to sell their goods to them is their main plan.

No one knows why none of the governments are trying to do investigation about the bitcoin scams.

Maybe, it is another political plan of some kind since there are no furtherance so far.

Bad Political System vs Good Political System

In a countries with bad political system, the government and it’s cabinet are trying to satisfy themselves other than their people.

Bad political system can kill the economy of that countries for decades.

Countries who are not respecting human rights or running their countries with religious believes are the best target market for war weapons without realizing it.

All they have to do, is to mix religion with politic or create a racism issues in countries with multiple races.

The rest is clear that they can easily kill each other in the name of the God with no fears.

They don’t realize that we are all human being created by the same God and all the rules and regulations been created by the human being for the favor of their own goods.

Win win part of their plan starts right there and they are already the winner of the game.

The modern countries political systems are trying to sell their products by making problems in those areas.

A question about; if bitcoin scam is another political system that being created by the modern political system or it is just personal.

Surely there are some political plans behind it since they are growing quickly.

Smart government should take the advantage of using this digital funds in order to transform it into real resources worth cash value.

Percentage of Educated Residence Affects Currency Value

Educated citizens of each countries are the treasure of that country.

Countries with highly educated people are growing in technology very quickly.

Their political system is more in favor of the country and grow of the economic system.

Bitcoin scams could have been one of those highly educated engineer geeks project which works perfectly well as a result.

The idea of digital currency is a very smart idea and for sure will be replaced by the traditional cash system anytime soon.

In many countries digital money doesn’t have any meaning because the majority of people can not use technology.

Using traditional monitory system is very convenient for the countries with the majority of low educated population.

Bitcoin scams can not affect those above mentioned countries since they don’t use digital currencies.

Countries with the highest level of educated population are the best target market for bitcoin scams.

Believes in technologies advancement and the future of life with digital data technology can build a trust to believe that bitcoin is not a scam.

Whenever, the bitcoin scams bubble pops, it will mostly affect the countries with  highly educated residents.

They will be getting a big bag of air at the end if the government don’t apply any real cash worth to each bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Employment Digital Salaries

Imagine if one day you get a job with bitcoin as a salary.

Soon we all know the digital funds will be replacing a traditional cash monies.

Presently no one wants to be payed with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency since the initial cash value is not certain.

Moreover, it is barefaced that the digital funds will be replacing the traditional money in the near future and bitcoin should be consider as well.

However, bitcoin scams are momentarily existing at the stock market  and growing very fast until it pops.

Bitcoin is a scam itself since it is just digital data that being produce by the machines at someone’s home.

Their employees are getting their digital salaries with bitcoin digital currency.

After that, they sell their bitcoin online in order to transform it into traditional cash money.

Basically, they are transforming a bag of air into a cash money.

Isn’t that brilliant idea and smart way of scams selling bitcoin?

The Future of Cryptocurrency Including Bitcoin

Promptly, the bitcoin scams are the concerned topics.

However, down the line the plan to initial a real cash values to each cryptocurrency including the bitcoin by the government is on the way.

That doesn’t mean people should invest in the bitcoin scams nowadays in order to gain a fortune in the near future.

Each country should initial a type of cryptocurrency as their digital currency with a real worth values and put them into the currency exchange market.

Thereafter, credit cards companies should be able to accept digital transactions as well.

Shopping sites are also in the transformation stage of selling their goods with the digital currencies as well.

To conclude, the digital funds such as bitcoin are not secure to invest on them although the prices are going up everyday.

Price of bitcoin scams are growing because people don’t do their studies before they do their investments on a products.

As soon as the price of digital currency goes up, they think that’s it and it is secure to put their money on bitcoin which is a type of scam itself.

Bitcoin scams should be consider by the government before its full of air bubble pops and affects many investors.

There are many other plans to invest your money on with no fear of losing your money on.

Please do subscribe if you like to get my eBook about how to make money at no risks, without becoming a victim of bitcoin scams.

Avoid Bitcoin Scams

Bitcoin mining looks like an easy way of making money.

Therefore, many people decide to invest some money to start a bitcoin mining business.

Or, when they can’t do it, they prefer to buy and hold bitcoin.

– Bitcoin Mining Scams

As I clearly explained above, you will have to spend thousands of dollars if you want to run the bitcoin mining system in a way that it produces a reasonable number of bitcoin every day.

If you can’t do it, then you won’t make any profit.

It means, you can’t make profit with a small bitcoin mining system.

It has to be big enough and equipped with strong bitcoin mining computers that work and produce bitcoin non-stop.

There are so many who’ve made a fortune through selling the bitcoin mining machines.

Have you ever asked yourself why they don’t use the same machines to produce bitcoin and make money through it?

The reason is that they make a lot more profit through selling the machine to others, and this is what they know very well.

Therefore, those are also another group of the bitcoin scams.

They sell something to people that makes a lot of money for them, but doesn’t make any money for the buyers.

They do it while they know this and they don’t let their customers know it.

That is why I call them scams.

– Bitcoin Selling Scams

The other group of the bitcoin scams are those who encourage you to buy and hold bitcoin.

Most of them are bitcoin miners who have a lot of bitcoins.

Many others are the investors who have already bought a lot of bitcoins.

They want to sell their bitcoins to you to collect their profit.

Surely they have to tell you that the bitcoin price will keep going up.

Although the bitcoin price has been going up dramatically during the past several years, it doesn’t mean you can buy and hold bitcoin for good.

This is nothing but a bubble that will burst sooner than later.

So be careful.

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