How To Stay Successful With Amazon FBA?

There are several mandatory and optional requirements in order to stay successful with Amazon FBA and increase your sales via Amazon prim sellers account.

Several steps to follow in order to become successful with FBA in amazon sellers account.

1- Why Amazon?

2- How Much Money do I need?

3- What products?

4- Where to find the products?

5- Bar-codes for your products.

6- Shipping methods and costs

7- Setting up the Amazon FBA inventory

8- How to sell more

Why Should We Choose Amazon To Sell?

For any online business success, there is one main important requirement which is the TRAFFIC.

Since Amazon has the main element of success in any online business which is the traffic, we can sell anything on the amazon website.

Amazon has almost 540,000 employees all around the world and almost 240 Millions of products and items for sell which are increasing by 480,000 items daily.

There are approximately 2000,000 members are selling on amazon, and in average amazon sells 300 items per second.

By selling on Amazon FBA, your selling account will become a Prime! which means, that your clients will get your products within 48 hours after they purchased your product for free.

Means, the customers with prime account don’t pay anything for the shipping and they will get their items within 48 hours.

As a result, your sells increases and you will be selling a lot more that other individual people who are shipping their own items by themselves.

Create Your Amazon Seller Account

In order to be able to sell on Amazon website , you should create an amazon seller account.

There are two seller account option, one is professional account and the other is individual account.

Professional account: You pay $39 per month, and there are many advantages of having the professional account such as: advertising, create your own store and more…

You have many extra featurs such as ppc, SEO, Keywords settings, different campaigns and so on.

Individual account: In this type of account you don’t pay any monthly fees and you will be paying a service charge for each item you sell only, which is the suggested option for the beginners on amazon fba.

In this type of account which is totally FREE to register, your options are limited. Your maximum sell per month will be only 39 items and if it exceeds that amount it will be automatically change to professional account.

Also, you will pay additional one dollar fee per each item that have been sold by amazon additional to the 40% amazon fees.

Private Labeling On Amazon Website

The main key to success in Amazon, is to have your own private label and chose the right product under your own brand name.

This is the only way of making fortunes on amazon website and become a successful best seller on amazon.

Register your brand and do the trademark of your brand legally in order to make sure your brand is unique and no one else can have your items.

Although, online business seams like easy money making, but it’s not as it looks.

In order for any successful business, you need to follow some procedures and you need some tools and the right path to follow.

Mandatory Costs To Run Your Amazon FBA

Few years ago, Amazon was not as big as today and you should’ve try to sell your own selected product and take the risk of losing profit or gaining from your sales and it was very time consuming as well.

Nowadays, there are many tools that can help you to save time, money and energy which are more accurate and low risk to help you success in your Amazon FBA.

No body will tell you what to sell on Amazon and the first question that comes to your mind is that: what should I sell on Amazon? So, you need an Important products research tool.

You need to know what type of product to chose to sale and in order to find out you need a mandatory products research tool such as Jungle Scout (Get 30% OFF Now).

This tool will tell you, what products are good to sell on Amazon and what are at high risk or not good to sell on Amazon.

It is very easy to use reliable and accurate with the approximate results.

Easily identify the products without a good profit margins or high competitions.

Optional Methods To Improve Your Amazon FBA

In order to become successful in any type of business, you should invest in your education and knowledge first in order to start your business with enough knowledge to begin.

Methods such as education and training are optional methods, but if you are serious to become a successful amazon FBA, you should invest in your education about how FBA works from A to Z.

There are some courses that you should pay for because there are some secrets that are not been shared on google or YouTube and I do recommend to take those courses in order to be fully prepared for your newly business.

Sometimes, you are wasting too much time in research for the answers and money to make it work but there is no success and end-up closing your business because of lake or knowledge.

Investing on yourself education is a type of investment that you suffer today, and later on your life you will use it in order for you to become successful in your life.

So, I do recommend you start with a very good foundation and confidence before you start your Amazon FBA business.

The cost may be expensive, but you will make it up in the near future if you follow the steps step by step.

But in order to chose the right products you need to do a lot of research in order to minimize the risks.

How Much Money Do I Need To Start Selling On Amazon?

Depending on what type of products you are planning to sell, you should be prepared for some mandatory costs, such as:

Amazon Fees:
  • Research Tools Costs, which is mandatory and you can’t just guess to put item for sell on your Amazon sellers account.
  • If you decide to open professional account with sending your items to FBA it will be a $39 per month, so they will do all your shipping process and keep your inventory in the FBA warehouse for you.
  • The total cost will be up to 40% per item
How Many Units To Order For My First Amazon FBA Order?

To start, I do suggest to have at least $1000 to start and $500 for your inventory backup, however, it’s all depending on what your niche product will be, we’re assuming that you’ve picked a product that will cost you $1, everything included.

Best advice for your first order it is that you should not order more than 300 units for your first item in order to try the market, then you can reorder as soon as you’ve sold 50% of your items.

Make sure to order a sample in order to check your products and do your own photo and videos for your advertising, usually the suppliers will deduct the price of the sample from the main order, but you still have to pay for the shipping.

Barcodes and Labeling Your Products for Amazon FBA

You should, get your own bar-codes for each item you are planning to sell on Amazon FBA.

It is mandatory that for each size and/or color of your items, you should have separate bar-code in order to differentiate them from each one another.

Create a spreadsheet and assign each bar-code with corresponding item for your records.

If you are planning to sell in Canada or USA, the bar-codes begin with UPC-xxxxx, but if you are planning to sell in Europe the bar-codes are begin with EAN-xxxxx.

Usually, your supplier will put all the barcodes labels on your items before shipping them to amazon fba for you without any additional cost.

Managing Amazon FBA Inventory

After, you get your samples and finalized your negotiations with the suppliers, then you should setup your Amazon FBA inventory, prior to print the shipping labels.

You must provide the barcode of each item to amazon, and then they will provide you with the amazon format of the barcode which is compatible with their system.

After-more, you must send that new bar-code to your supplier to put them on your items.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Usually, amazon will choose the fulfillment center for your items and will provide you with the shipping labels.

Then, you have to send the shipping label/labels to your supplier to finalize the shipping.

You will get a notification when your item/items arrives at the fulfillment center.

Suppliers and Negotiation

After you find your products via your research tools, then you should find the right suppliers for example such as Alibaba and so on, depending on what type of products you are planning to sell on Amazon.

Make sure to check the companies’ profile and rates. There are many spams and fake accounts in those websites that you should be careful to not get trapped in their fraud information.

Always try to do the important conversations on the main actual side,such  as Alibaba and so on, in order to have the proof and be secured and safe with the site trade insurance.

However, they are all will ask you to use other apps such as whats-app or Skype and so on. But you make sure to copy and past the final deal via the main website chatting or email system.

Amazon Vs. Ebay

With Ebay, you are totally responsible to sell your products from the start to the end.

You should do your own research for the best products, shipping, and everything else.

If there is a return on your items, it’s very very hard to do the returns and most of people are using no returns options. Because of that most of people don’t trust ebay because it’s not secure.

The ebay fees are as follow:
  • It will be 50 free items per month then for any additional fees for more
  • For items up to $50 you will pay 8% fee and for more expensive items you will be paying an extra 5% which is in total up to 13%.
  • The PayPal account fees
  • An upgrade ebay account which is optional
  • Shipping costs

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