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Do This When Quitting a Job Without Another One

Quitting a job is a big decision and it’s not an easy task to make especially when you don’t have a backup plan, or when you don’t have another job at the side.

Usually you quit your job because of the following reasons…

  • Moving to another location;
  • Health related reason;
  • Family conflicts;
  • Unhappy at work;
  • Hate your workplace;
  • No option to grow in the company;
  • Difficult schedules;
  • Your job is not relevant to your career and skills.

Turn the Problems into Opportunities: Create Your Own Job

Although in this article, I am focusing on deciding whether you should quit your job with or without another job, I am giving you a much better solution as well.

So, make sure to read the next paragraphs very carefully.

While you are reading this article, you should seriously think about following the track that enables you to get rid of the job worrisome, working for the others and having a low income all the time.

How long are you going to be worried that what will happen if you quit or lose your job?

As long as you work for the others, you will never have job security.

There are always some people who are better than you.

New resumes will always be submitted and wait in the line, and so, you will always be at the risk of losing your job.

Even if you are not worried about getting fired, what would you do if you don’t like the job and the work atmosphere?

What if you are not happy with your income?

Can you quit your job easily, or you have to force yourself to be happy with the same job for the rest of your life?

Life doesn’t have to be that complicated and hard.

What Is the Solution?

Therefore, do something that gives you financial freedom, and peace of mind forever.


Run your own online business and then quit your job.

It is not as easy as this, specially when you have no experience with running an online business.

However, there are some good options that don’t need you to have any experience at all.

There are fully-automated online business systems that you can join and make them make money for you automatically.

I strongly recommend you to try it.

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Now, let’s get back to the subject again.

Are you someone who likes to quit his/her job while he/she doesn’t have another one?

Then, please read the rest of this article:

Quitting Your Job

What Type of Person Are You?

I think risk taking people are usually more successful at the end of their decision.

Most of people like to stay with the same company for their entire life and they get use to their daily routines and their small paycheck that they receive regularly.

Which is not bad at all as long as you learn and become more and more experienced and an expert at your career.

However,life is not always playing the same rhythms and anyone can end up quitting  their job without knowing what comes afterwards.

In reality no one really ends up regretting to quit their job.

Most of the time they become more successful in their new career.

After all, once people realize that they want a new career, they’ll make their way into school to improve their career.

There are so many other options that you can have when you quit your job and not have another one.

If you read this article entirely I will tell you all available options.

Quitting your job when you have no other options

Sometimes you resign your job because you don’t have any other choices.

  • Moving to another city or country;
  • Family situation.

Those are the acceptable reasons for any employer is expecting from their employees to quit their jobs for.

Quitting your job Is okay when you’re a healthy and capable person to be able to search for another job later.

But sometimes it’s hard for you to go out and search for a new job.

Especially when you have to stay at home and focus to take care of your loved ones.

It’s a very scary situation when you quit your job without having another one.

But, there is an expression saying that “Tomorrow is the beginning of another day.” Therefore, just make a quick plan for yourself.

In most cases, if the employee does not have a valid reason to quit their job, they can not receive any unemployment insurance.

Therefore, quitting your job should have a valid reason but sometimes you’re just burned out and can not continue anymore.

Quitting your job because you hate your workplace

Being unhappy at work is one of the biggest reasons for resigning from your job.

Although, you might love your job, sometimes you work in a unfriendly environment that leads you to quit your job without a backup plan.

One of those reasons is the sexual harassment at work places.

Sexual harassment is the most popular reason for quitting a job without another one.

Especially when the person is not interested in playing those games to gain more from the opportunities.

Many people don’t stand up for their rights by complaining or going to Human Resources and they just leave their job without any plan b.

Some people quit their job because their bored of the routine.

Other reason can also make you want to leave your job is that you’re not appreciated for what you do for the company.

In some cases, you may not be happy because all the responsibilities are on your shoulders without even noticing it until it’s too late.

When your boss does not see your hard work will lead you to feeling burned out and not feeling useful.

Your co workers expect you to do all the work and they can just take the credits for it and that will make you want to leave.

When you do not noticed all the hard work you do for the company you work for it may lead you to getting sick for example in some people’s case, losing their voice or feeling tired all the time.

Feeling tired because you are not happy at work can also affect your personal life as well.

Resigning Because You Don’t Like Your Job

When you don’t like your job, you can’t perform well.

Unhappy people at workplaces are causing a biggest problem in the businesses.

No one wants to work with negative co-worker and that’s the most common reason for quitting your job.

I think during the probation period which is usually the first 3 to 6 months within their start at work.

The employer should evaluate their employee’s personality and their relationship with the others too.

By doing the personality, people skills and behavior of the new employee, the company can save lots of good qualified human resources.

If you don’t like your job there is a high chance that you will be resigning at any time, with or without any other jobs.

The question is that; why people take a job that they don’t like.

The answers are here…

  • They’ve been bumped and that was the only job offer from the company;
  • They were forced by their family to work, no matter what;
  • The pay is good and you can do it but you don’t like it;
  • You’ve got a promotion and accepted, but you don’t like the new department;
  • The environment doesn’t suit your personality;
  • It’s not a pleasant workplace;
  • Negative co-workers that you have to see them everyday and they’re affecting your nervous system;
  • Unhealthy job tasks;
  • and so on…

Leaving Your Job Because There Is No Way to Move-Up

There are many favoritism at work places all around the world with no exceptions that doesn’t let you move forward and grow in the company.

Sometimes, you have all the qualifications, educations and experiences to take a higher positions, but you’re still missing the connection.

Means, you should have someone in the higher level in the company to allow you to take that post, regardless of your qualifications.

Basically in the reality; no matter what you know it is the matter of who you know!

As a result you do not have any modification to work harder and do some effort to compete with the others.

That types of situations in many cases doesn’t let a good and qualified employees to grow-up in the company and it’s a good reason to quit without any other jobs.

It’s normal to get mad and quit your job when you see that the company brings someone who is not qualified and you should train that person as well.

Mute discrimination is one of the other reason for not letting some people to move up and as a result they leave the company without any other job.

Dry Work Environment as a Cause of Quitting Job

When the work environment is tense, it will be very boring and not healthy.

It will bring negativity to the work environment and you can’t wait to leave the company.

In such environments employees are waiting for any small excuses to quit their job without any other job on the row.

People will always find a way to get fired instead of quitting.

After You Quit Your Job Without any Other Plans

Usually, You take a few days relaxing at home then you realize the payments due dates are coming soon and you have to do something.

Some people decide to continue their education to become more qualified in their job search.

The main reason for continue education is that because while you’re working full time, you don’t have time to update your knowledge and learn the latest techniques.

Being outdated in the job market is the biggest problem for unemployed people.

It all depends on your financial situation and if you can afford going back to school and update your knowledge.

Not Reasonable Schedules

Not enough hours is a good reason to quit your job without another one because you don’t make much anyway and you won’t miss it.

Some managers are cutting employees hours in purpose to force them quit their job.

The reason for that is because they can’t fire the person for no reason after the certain period of time.

Too much hours also is a good reason to quit job without another one.

Long work hours is not healthy and leads the employees to think of quitting because in reality¬† can’t continue anymore.

Overtimes without noticing is another reason for quitting a job.

Imagine you worked hard all day and at the last minute you should cover up for another co worker who can’t come to work for the next shift.

It is okay if it happens once in the while to cover up for each other’s.

But if the company is missing personnel and doesn’t want to hire a new employee, it’s not fair to ask you for overtime regularly.

Weekends schedule when you supposed to be off and stay with your family can happen at any company and it is okay if they don’t take the advantage of it.

Giving your hours to the others is another good reason to just get angry and leave your job without any future plan.

Some employers are forcing their employees to work on the days that they are not available.

Because of that the employee has no other option other than quitting the job.

As an example students’ schedule should be match their off school schedule and they can not work on their school days.

Being under age and schedue them late at night is a good reason for the employee to quit job.

Medical Reason

Depression  is the most common reason to quit your job without any advanced plan.

When the work environment is negative it will bring so many health issues, such as depression.

Being psychologically affected is the major problem in the work environment.

It leads people quitting their jobs without having another one.

Stressful jobs like engineering, healthcare fields, customer service and so on have the highest amount of job quitting rates in general.

Blood pressure is another type of serious health issue when you have stressful job.

The stressors could be because of the job task itself, environment, co-workers or having an aggressive boss.

Stressors at work places leads workers to quit their job without any advanced planing.

However, our health is the most important thing that we should care about.

We can always find a job no matter what, as long as we are healthy physically and mentally.

Unhealthy mind can not success in anything and we should be responsible to take care of it and not allowing the work related issues to affected.

Now Do This When Quitting a Job Without Another One

Usually if you quit your job there will be no unemployment insurance especially if the reason for quitting your job is not acceptable.

Therefore, you have to be prepared and positive about your future.

Do the following as soon as you quit your job while not having another another one.

  1. Update your CV
  2. Start online profile in recruitment sites
  3. Check your abilities and skills
  4. Overview your strengths
  5. Improve your skills
  6. Check other options
  7. Other options such as opening your own company
  8. Partnership
  9. Work from home options
  10. Working online jobs
  11. Making money online opportunities
  12. If you have any saving you can check any long-terms or short-terms investments options

There are many other options that can help you to get another job .

Moreover, when you quit your job, it means you are going to have a new beginning and source of income.

That source of income will lead you to a successful future without any stress since you were not happy at your previous workplace.

Quitting your job without having another one is not as bad as it sounds.

You can survive and be happy forever as long as you are healthy and positive about the future.

Never panic about job markets limitations.


Because there are plenty of other ways out there that you can make money easily from.

Always try to move forward and never be afraid of changes in your career.

Try to update your knowledge to learn new things.

I wish you all good luck in your future career.

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