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Franchise Opportunities Under 50K and 20K: Is It Worth?

Starting your own Franchise opportunities under 50k and even less than 20k is a perfect start.

Imagine having your own franchise with your own enterprise that leads you to success in your life.

Low cost franchise opportunities are the best options for anyone who wishes to become financially independent.

There are many options that you can chose from to open your own franchise business with low cash in hand.

Never make mistake by having a chain business instead of franchise business because they are not the same.

Chain business means you have many stores in different locations and all are belong to one person.

Franchise business is selling established business to individuals and provide their supplies and service management and advertisements with a limited period of time contracts.

Based on your skills and experiences, you can choose the best option to start your own brand and expand it into a franchise business.

The following is a list of some franchise opportunities that are under 50k or maybe even under 20k.

While you can consider them as some great opportunities, I want to tell you that there are some other ways to make money much easier.

Although the best franchise opportunities are great, they are not everybody’s cup of tea.

I mean you can’t make money with them so easily and in addition to having the money to start the franchise business, you have to have some other skills and experiences.

Therefore, while I am listing some of the best franchise opportunities that are much more affordable than a franchise like McDonald’s, I introduce a much better business opportunity that not only makes money on autopilot, but also it doesn’t need any experiences at all.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but I explain what it is and you will see that it works.

Cheap Franchise Opportunities Under 50k

What Are the Best Franchise Opportunities Under 50K or 20K?

Here is the list of the franchise opportunities that you can run with a tight budget like lower than $50,000 or even $20,000:

  1. Beauty salon
  2. Tour travel agency
  3. Moving company
  4. Delivery business
  5. Food services
  6. Flower shop
  7. Financial training
  8. Commercial training
  9. Website design services
  10. Administrative outsourcing
  11. Non-Profit organization
  12. Windows cleaning
  13. Cleaning business
  14. Aqua services
  15. Online business marketing

I’m going to describe few of the options above in details and you can make up your mind with the right choice.

However, make sure to read the article to the end, because I am going to show you a much better and easier way to make money.

1. Having a Beauty Salon Franchise

It might sound impossible to have a beauty salon franchise business but it’s one of the most successful franchise opportunities that you can start with under 50k of money in total.

The first step is to find the best location to establish your beauty shop.

Location, location, location is the key for any retail stores or businesses.

To start up a successful business you need a very good location to start from.

Of Course! the price of rent is going to be expensive but here I’m going to show you some tricks that you can cover up the expenses in this type of business.

Try to make it modern because in beauty business, modernism and most fashionable looks are the key to success.

Have an interior designer to design your salon with the most modern and simple look.

Hire a good business manager to manage your products and staffs.

To start with, hire experienced employees in commission based salary only, because you have to build your salon’s reputation.

It’s very important to have a good reputation and reviews when you have a beauty shop.

Have a yearly fashion show or bridal show.

Go to the yearly fashion training seminars and train your team with the most recent styles.

Do advertising as much as you can, but never lower your service charges more than %15 of the regular price and don’t go too high comparing your competitors.

When you become famous, it’s time to open your second store in a new location.

That’s how you benefit from the beauty salon franchise opportunity.

2. Tour Travel Planning Franchise Opportunity

You can start having your tour travel planning agency with a very small amount of money.

Starting your own tour planning agency with less than 50k or even 20k in capital.

All you have to do is to gather information about the amusement places for tourists.

Depending on the geographical area where you open an agency at, you can offer different packages.

Some packages are require some investments and purchasing some equipments.

One of those options is to include a cruise packages into the options that attracts more tourists if you decide to open your branch where you can offer this option.

The bus tour is also a good idea.

You can sigh a contract with all local services and create a good affordable package to your clients.

Having a tour travel agency is one of the biggest global franchise opportunities that you can become rich with a very short time.

Signing contracts with hotels, airlines, cruises, tour busses, and so on.

Create several packaging options that suits your client’s budgets.

Give them a good services as much as you can to get more positive reviews.

Having a good review is your investments in that type of business.

3. Moving Services Franchise Company

Moving services is one of the top business opportunities that can turn into a franchise business with less than $50,000 to start with.

If you have a class 1 driving licence this is the best option to start your own franchise business with small budget.

All you need is to lease a truck, have enough backup money for at least 12 months of the lease payments.

Since you will be doing most of your own paperwork, you will need a small office space with internet access.

If you’re a business person ,don’t have the skills and required license, you still can hire a reliable driver to do the deliveries for your clients.

You will need to do some marketing such as advertisement, this will bring you new clientele.

Don’t forgot that, the key for any business success is the positive overview of the company with high quality rate of services.

Afterwards, you can have your advertising and services to other cities and provinces then globally.

That’s how you establish your delivery services franchise with less than 50k.

4. Delivery Business Franchise

Delivery business is a good opportunity for having a franchise business with less that $20,000.

There are several ways of running a delivery services.

Here are few methods of running delivery business franchise with less that 20k.

  • Hire people with their own car.
  • Lease few cars and hire drivers to work for you.
  • Use motorcycles for short distance deliveries.
  • Have few bicycles for short distance deliveries to avoid traffic.

You can offer your services for any type of delivery services.

Such as; Food, Goods, Letters, Parcels and so on.

Advertising and trust is very important in these type of businesses.

Your clientele should have enough trust in your services and fast deliveries.

It is very important how reliable your services are towards your clientele, these are key points for owning a delivery franchises.

5. Food Services Franchise Opportunity

Food services is one of the most famous franchise business such as McDonald, KFC and so on.

Those franchise food businesses are required lots of funds to be able to own one.

By opening a food service franchise, you are not permitted to develop your own branding, such as your own menu.

You can start your own unique ingredient and open up your local restaurant with funds as low as 10k to start .

When your restaurant is doing very well you could start by finding other locations to add another restaurant to start your chain.

After owning a few food service chains you are in title to start your own food service franchise.

6. Flower shop as a franchise opportunity with less than $20,000

Flower Shop is a business that can run in all around the world.

People use flowers for any special occasions such as…

  • Valentine;
  • Weddings;
  • Child birth;
  • Hospital visits;
  • Mother’s day;
  • Father’s day;
  • Birthdays;
  • Funerals;
  • Seminars;
  • New years;
  • Parties;
  • Special ceremonies.

If you’re a creative person and passionate in arts and craft, a flower shop franchise is the best opportunity for you.

By creating a pamphlet with samples of your creative artworks you can advertise your services to the consumers.

Don’t forget that people are visual and when you create a stunning job at any special occasion, the audience will remember you and will always refer your services to their relatives or friends.

Beside the pay advertising, just the fact that people talk about your creations is a big advertise for this type of business.

When your shop became famous within a short period of time,then it’s time to move on and have your second flower shop and start selling your franchise opportunities to people who are interested.

7. Financial or Commercial Training Services Franchise opportunities

Financial or Commercial training franchise is another type of franchise option that people can start with around $50k.

A team of professionals sign multiple contracts with companies to train their employees with the latest techniques and technology to use at work place.

Although financial training and commercial training are not the same but both are following the same technique to run their business.

That type of franchise business nowaday is in demand and lots of companies are in needs of skill training program and outsourcing it.

Financial training is usually related to the banking, investments,  and insurances.

Commercial training is usually based on the latest skills training to the employees of the growing companies.

Those big companies are always around the world in needs of having a team to train their employees few times per year.

So, having a financial or commercial training business franchise with a cost of only $50, 000 is one of the best opportunity that can make you achieve your goals.

8- Web Design Business As a Franchise with under 50,000

Web design business is one of the most demanding services.

Almost all the businesses do require a website.

That makes a huge market place globally.

Starting a website design from scratch and coding is time consuming and requires lots of time and energy.

By just creating a nice templates and supporting hosting services, you can sell your services to the individuals to use your pre programmed application package to start a business.

You can charge them with small monthly fee for the services and supporting options to your franchise members.

For sure to develop your packages you need professionals with required skills to create your application.

9- Administrative services franchise opportunities under 50k

Starting a franchise with less than 50k as an administrative service.

Nowadays, most of companies want to do outsourcing their human resources, accounting and payroll services.

Owning an administrative management franchise that you can start with only small budget of  $50,000 will be the best opportunity for people with management skills.

There are special applications that any franchise owner in administrative management field should use to help its members.

Many companies prefer outsourcing their file management and office works to avoid hiring people to do their tasks which is much more expensive.

Since there are lots of domains in administrative services, having your own franchise business is the best idea if you have a plan to grow your business very quickly.

10- Windows and Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

One of the franchise opportunities that you can establish with less than 50k or even 20k is the windows or cleaning services.

You can start your own cleaning services incorporate company at any location.

Window cleaning is also a good choice for people with no professional skills and wants to be it’s own boss.

When you own a franchise, the company will provide all the cleaning materials, tools, equipment and products for you.

So, it’s possible to purchase a franchise with under 50k or even 20k.

11- Aqua Services Franchise Opportunities with less than 50,000

Aqua services is usually for a team of professionals who are well trained to provide aqua services such as…

  • Creating Ponds
  • Pools services
  • Fishs
  • Water falls

It can be a combination of art, biology and science.

Having a franchise in aqua services is another opportunity to provide your services and grow within a short period of time.

12-Online Business Marketing Franchise

Online business is one of the most popular home based business that can make you rich with very little cash.

Online marketing is one of the most demanding services all around the world.

Almost all of the companies are in need for advertising and marketing and will pay for your services.

The opportunity to have your own online marketing franchise can open the door for you with success in your life.

Do You Think: It Is Worth Having a Franchise Opportunities Under 50K and 20K?

People think it is not possible to own a franchise business with small budget, but there are many options available as per I described so far.

However, there are many available opportunities that you can establish your franchise with less than 50k or even 20k but you need to work hard to make it successful.

There is no such a thing of a easy money making option.

Therefore, you should have some skills and experience too in order to be able to run your own franchise.

You have an option to invest your little budget in other risky opportunities which I don’t recommend.

Although having a franchise opportunities under $50,000 or less than $20,000 is a possibility, we have to make sure it is worth it to own one.

You should calculate the time you spend on your business and check the profit as well.

Furthermore, you always have to work hard to be successful in any type of business, no matter how much money you invest on.

Now it is time tell you about the ways that you can make money easier than having a franchise.

A Good Alternative for the Franchise Businesses

As I explained above, there is no point to take the hassles of having a franchise when you can make money through some easier ways.

Besides, you have to keep in mind that with any kind of franchise business, either cheap and affordable or the expensive and more professional ones, you will be the end loser if you can’t take the business off the ground.

The franchise company is always at the safe side.

You are the one who takes the risk.

Therefore, you have to think twice before going for starting a franchise business, no matter if it is under 50k or it is an expensive one like McDonald’s or Hampton Hilton.

There are some kinds of online businesses that are fully-automated and much cheaper to set up, start and maintain.

Above all, they are very easy to promote and scale up the income.

Please submit your email through the below form, so that I can send you the information about how you can become financially established with my chosen online business system with a very small budget.

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