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The Most Profitable Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

Unlike what most people think, freelance writing is such a profitable job.

You can make a lot of money as a freelance writer, no matter when you become a beginner.

freelance writing for the beginner

Different kinds of freelance writing jobs for beginners can be found online and through the website like UpWork or Indeed very easily.

In this article, I’m telling you how to find the suitable freelance writing jobs and projects over the Internet.

However, I will also show you a much better way to make much more money without having to look for any jobs.

I’m sure you agree that as a freelance writer, working for the others, project by project, is not an easy task.

It is so hard for you to make all your clients happy, especially when you’re a beginner at writing.

Therefore, if there is any other way to make money as a writer, you should go for it.

Please read this article entirely to learn how you can make the most of your profession as a freelance writer.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Writer

If you are a beginner freelance writer,there are so many things that you need to know, before you think about making money through writing.

Most writers make money through writing for others.

However, there is a very low percentage of them who make money through writing for themselves.

I know you are wondering how you can make money while writing for yourself.

I will tell you.

Don’t worry.

But here I am explaining about pros and cons of being a freelance writer first, so that you will know how to choose your goals.

-The Pros of Being a Freelance Writer

It is great if you are a writer, even a beginner writer.


Because, you can make a lot of money by taking the freelance writing job.

I know a freelance writer who makes about $500,000 per year.

So, you can do the same, even as a beginner freelance writer.

Unfortunately, there are always so many writing jobs.

Writing is a demanding job.

Different people from different kinds of businesses, are always in needs of a writer.

Hence, if you are a hardworking freelance writer, there will be so many jobs for you always.

So, congratulations to you, if you just want to start working as a beginner freelance writer.

-The Cons of Being a Freelance Writer

The first problem of being a freelance writer, especially when you are a beginner, is that you have to work very hard to make enough money.

It is a never ending job.

Unless you work as a full-time writer for a company, you always have to work for the new jobs and projects, otherwise you won’t have food on the table.

The other problem, especially now that you have to find the writing jobs over the web, is that you have so many competitors.

The bigger problem is that you have to keep your clients extremely happy, otherwise they will leave negative reviews and will sabotage your profile.

Therefor, making money as a freelance writer is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Make sure you read this article completely to know your best options that enable you to maximize your income.

How to Take the Most of Profitable Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

Professional Freelance Writing

As a beginner writer, first you have to build your profile, so that you can get approved by the job posters on the websites like Upwork.

So here is what you have to do:

1. Build a Strong Profile:

You have to forget about making money for a while.

I mean you should start accepting the writing jobs, just for the purpose of doing the job in the best possible way to receive some good reviews.

You have to submit your offer with a low price to become able to get the job first.

Then you should do your best to deliver your writings within the shortest possible time and the highest possible quality.

You have to ask the job poster to leave a 5-star review for you when he receives the writing and after fixing the possible problems and making the changes.

Make sure to deliver a very high quality job.

Also, as a writer, you have to know that your writing has to be 100% unique and original, otherwise you will get the nastiest reviews from the job posters.

Keep on repeating this cycle for a while.

I mean spend a while to accept the writing jobs just for the purpose of building your profile.

Once you succeed to build a relatively strong profile, you can increase the wage you demand.

2. Keep Track of Your Clients and Make Your Network Bigger

Most of your clients are not one time customers who searches for freelance writer.

They will need your writing skill for a long period of time.

Even some of them will hire you permanently if they learn that you are a trust-worthy and serious writer.

You have to keep in touch with all of your clients and let them know that you are always ready to work on the new writing jobs.

After a short while, your clients will make you busy enough, so that you won’t have to work with the new clients, unless one of them wants to stop working for some reason.

The more work you do, your network becomes bigger and wider .

This is all depends on the quality of the work that you deliver.

So, it is the quality which is your success key-secret.

You can create a contact list and have your clients email address to keep in touch with them.

You can send some promotions once in a while and when you have some free time that you can fill through accepting new jobs.

This was the general pathway towards making money through getting the best jobs as a beginner writer.

Now, it is time to tell you that you have much better options that allow you to make much more money.

It is not only that.

You do not have to handle the hassles of dealing with the clients and customers.

Working for the others, although it makes money, is not a good way of making

The Best Way of Making a Fortune As a Writer

If you are a beginner writer, I suggest you to have a strong start and instead of writing for the others, start writing for yourself.

Yes, that is possible.

You can write for yourself and make a lot more money.

I mean you can create a job for yourself as a writer.


If you are a good writer, and you have chosen to work as a freelance writer, then you can choose a niche and write about it.

I mean you can become a niche blogger.

You should create a blog, focus it on a special niche, write and publish articles on it.

1. Choose a Niche and Blog on It

Choosing a niche is the most important part of your own freelance writing job and becoming a blogger.

I know you say “why blogging?”

Please be patient.

I will tell you why blogging is the right choice for you as a freelance writer.

And, I will tell you how it can make you rich without having to write for the others and looking for the writing job.

Now that you are a beginner freelance writer, you’d better to have a proper and strong start.

Just make sure you read this article entirely, to the end.

So, I was talking about choosing a niche.

Business and money are the best as a niche.


They make more money compared to the other topics.

You can make a lot of money if you teach people how to make money.

Besides, writing about business and money is easier than writing about the other topics like diet, weight loss, games, software, computer, Internet, etc…

So, let’s say you have chosen “business and money” as your blog niche.

Now you can register a domain and install a blogging software on it.

It doesn’t cost you more than $100 per year to have a domain and buy a hosting for it.

The most professional blogging software, WordPress, is 100% free.

If you don’t know how to do it, just let me know and I will help you.

Your blog is your writing platform and blogging is your writing job as a beginner freelance writer.

Soon, you will love blogging and writing for yourself and you will forget about finding the freelance writing job and working for others.

2. Publish Quality Articles on Your Blog

You can read about blogging and learn how you can do it.

I can’t explain everything about blogging here in this article.

However, if you are a freelance writer, I am sure you know how to write quality articles.

This is what you have to do for yourself and your blog.

Now you have your own freelance writing job.

You work for yourself.

It is cool, isn’t it?

So, choose different subjects related to your blog niche (business and money) and write quality 2000 to 4000 words articles and publish them on your blog.

Your articles have to be quality and strong.

At the same time, they have to be unique and original.

I mean you can’t copy/paste the others articles on your blog.

Duplicated content can’t make any money for you.


Because your blog makes money when it receives traffic from the search engines like Google.

And, search engines like Google don’t send any traffic to the blogs that have duplicated content.

3. Start Receiving Traffic from the Search Engines

After a short period of time of writing and publishing quality articles on your blog, your articles will start receiving traffic from the search engines.

This traffic is something that makes money for you.

People refer to your articles from the search engines to read your articles.

However, you can offer them some products and services.

You will make money if they buy.

I know that you don’t have any products or services to offer.

It is OK.

I will tell you what to do.

It is very easy.

I am doing the same thing too.

I am I blog and I don’t have any products or services on my own.

However, I make money.

I will tell you how.

Just keep reading 🙂

Therefore, you learned that the traffic you receive from the search engines is something that makes money for you.

You should keep on writing and publishing quality articles on your blog.

Writing (blogging) is your full time job as a freelance writer.

You are your own writer and your write for yourself.

That is why you don’t have to look for the freelance writing job for beginners just because you are new and nobody knows you or offer you any jobs.

You have created a job for yourself.

So, keep on writing and publishing quality articles.

2 to 3 quality articles per week is good.

4. Start Making Money

As I explained above, having traffic from the search engines means making money.

This traffic is called “targeted traffic”.

But, you have to sell something, a product or service, on your blog to make money.

People refer your blog from the search engines to read your articles.

At the same time, you can advertise some products and services on your blog, so that people buy them.

The problem is you don’t have a product of service to sell your blog.

Am I right?

That is not a problem at all.

You can sell the others’ products or services on your blog and make commissions.

Many of those who have products and services, allow the others to sign up for their affiliate program to become able to promote the products or services.

So, you can become an affiliate, sell the others products and services and make commissions.

The question is what affiliate program and what product or service?

High-ticket Products and Services:

There are some products that are called high-ticket.

It means they make the highest amount of commission.

That is the best and easiest way of converting your blog traffic to money.

I know you don’t know how, but it is OK.

You are just hearing about this money making method.

But you will know how it works.

I will tell you.

Blogging and selling the high-ticket products is something that has already made so many bloggers millionaires.

You can easily do it, because your are a freelance writer.

The ability of writing quality articles is all you need.

The other things like selling the high-ticket products, once your blog starts receiving traffic, is a piece of cake.

You just need to decide and take action.

You have to be brave enough to start working for yourself instead of looking for the freelance writing jobs that are being offered for the beginner freelance writers.

Instead of spending your time and energy on writing for the others and getting paid for $10 to $40 for each article, you can start your own blog and write for yourself and make millions.

Now You Have a Freelance Writing Job for Yourself

Yes, once you establish your own blog and start blogging (writing quality articles), you’ve created your own writing job that makes a lot of money for you.

Working for yourself, blogging and making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, has a lot of fun.

It can look too good to be true, but it is what so many writers are doing now.

So, be brave enough to start.

Email me and let me know if you are interested.

I do the following for you, for free:

1) I help you choose and register a domain name and buy a hosting for it.

It doesn’t cost you more than $80-100 per year to do that.

2) I install the blogging software (WordPress) on your site and you can start blogging.

I teach you how to use the software.

3) I help you to sign up for a high-ticket affiliate program to become able to sell high-ticket products and services that make thousands of dollars for you.

4) I support you technically and will help you to start making money as soon as possible.

That is all.

Within a short while, you will become a freelance writer who makes a lot of money working for himself.

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