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How Much Money Do YouTubers Make per View in General?

Increasingly we see more and more people looking at ways to make money online and from home.

In this context, YouTube is seen as a convenient method to make money.

If you see, the last decade has been particularly striking in terms of the growth of the YouTubers.

The extent of their success has been so phenomenal, that many have quit their regular jobs.

But the question is how much money do YouTubers make per view?

This is a very pertinent question.

In this article, I am answering this question in details.

However, there are some much better ways to make money on YouTube compared to the conventional ways like making money per view.

If you are interested in those ways, please read this article to the end.

So, first let me tell you how much YouTubers make per view and in general:

If you want to make this a source of livelihood, getting minute details on the income prospects is crucial.

Often how much YouTubers make per view help in creating estimates about the target audience.

In case any specific YouTube video manages to get more than 1000 views, you can easily consider monetizing your prospects.

Basically, most of the money you earn is through advertisements.

Normally advertisers pay on the basis of a number of views a video attracts.

Therefore, the answer to how much do YouTubers make per view depends on the average views it generates.

It is needless to mention that very successful Youtubers who attract millions of views can pocket rather hefty amounts.

Approximate studies indicate that almost 55% of what the advertisers pay can be pocketed by YouTubers.

Normally, the ad rates and the billing system on YouTube is managed by Google AdSense.

This is calculated on the basis of per view. So the common rule of thumb is greater the views, better the money.

How much YouTubers make per view is often dependent on many factors.

It could be the kind of content or type of the target audience.

It could also be dependent on the country where you stay.

So as a result, if you want to create a sustainable source of income, you need to be very clear about the extent of income you can generate through this.

But before you get too optimistic, it is essential to understand that sometimes views and revenues might not move in the same direction.

What I mean is you could be attracting a million views on YouTube, but at the same time, it might not be yielding the kind of revenue that you are expecting for your effort.

Moreover, you also need to take into account the cost of creating YouTube videos.

Understanding The YouTube Revenue Cycle

I am sure my last statement surely will confuse you.

Is it not common sense that more the number of views, more the amount of money you earn?

Well, on YouTube that might not be the case always.

Let me explain to you with certain examples.

Let us give you an overview by using some numbers.

Let’s say a Youtuber has close to 62 million subscribers and he earns a little over $5 per 1000 views and the current number of views on his YouTube channel is now 10,000,000,000 views per month.

That makes his total earnings close to $50 million to date at $5 per 1000 views.

But that does not mean all YouTubers earn at the same rate.


One important reason is the geographical locations of the viewers and advertisers.

Google doesn’t pay you the same amount of money when people view your videos and click on the ads from different countries.

At the same time, many advertisers don’t let their ads to be viewed in the irrelevant countries.

Often how much YouTubers make per view also depends on who or where they are.

For example, let’s say a YouTuber has 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and the total views on his channel are about 70,000,000.

But he gets only $4.8 per 1000 views.

Later, the YouTube percentage was reduced and the tax portion was paid.

You also need to take into account the cost incurred to create every video.

Overall as a YouTuber, you might be living financially independently, however, your profits may not be as huge as the other YouTubers.

– Tax Rate and YouTube Share

You have to understand that when you calculate how much money YouTubers make per view, you also need to account for the tax rate and the money you need to pay YouTube.

There are many other YouTubers with around 100,000 subscribers and whopping 20,000,000 views.

They barely get $1.48 per 1000 views. This means their average income is less than $46,000.

They have to pay their taxes too.

So what’s left cannot be as great a fortune as the initial figures indicate.

Make Money Through Sponsored Content

The revenue per view is one way, but there are several other ways to make money on YouTube.

One of the simplest ways would be by putting up sponsored content.

Once a particular YouTube channel achieves a certain number of views, they are contacted by top brands.

These brands generally have sponsored content that they want to reach a large audience.

A YouTuber with a large view rate and strong subscription numbers is often the best bet.

They pay the YouTuber for putting up their content, and the YouTuber gets to make extra bucks.

The best part of this sponsored content is the rates are not dependent on how much YouTubers make per view.

So you can easily put up these videos, earn via product promotion.

If these videos result in buys from the website, you can also get extra money for that.

In fact, sponsored is a complicated maze of opportunities.

You have the option to not just monetize your YouTube views but the related channels like FaceBook and Instagram.

There are many YouTubers who have used their fame on YouTube to sell other products and make money.

For example, some of them sell eBooks.

Some othersĀ use their YouTube experience to launch a mobile game app.

These are all different ways to diversify the money flow.

I am sure; all of you have understood you cannot completely rely on one source.

After all, how much money do YouTubers make per view is relative, and there is urgent need to substantiate this figure.

Consider Video Ads

There is another way to monetize the pay per view on YouTube.

You could even choose to intersperse your content with Video Ads.

They will play in between content depending on wherever they are placed.

On an average, you can get as much as $26 per 1000 views.

If you got 1000 views, the total income would be around $26.

This is no doubt a great marketing strategy depending o how you place it.

For example, there are times when this kind of video ads between a gripping content can be rather annoying.

If you force the viewers to watch it too many times, you could even run the risk of losing them.

But on the other hand, these types of visual ads are extremely hard-hitting and impactful.

They could often determine the direction of the marketing campaign.

It is particularly helpful if you are trying to reach a large group of audience with minimum effort.

Catalysts For How Much Money YouTubers Make Per View

Well, these are various ways to make money on YouTube.

The fact is how much YouTubers make per view is dependent on a series of factors.

These include the geographical location, the kind and quality of content.

Additionally, the marketing and the ad strategies implemented by a specific YouTube user also makes a big difference.

They all have a strong role to play in deciding the final revenue structure that the user puts in place.

Even for the same type of views, the scale of payment might be very different.

Popularity Of The Channel

If you want to understand how much money do YouTubers make per view, this is perhaps one of the most straightforward matrices to gauge it.

If you have a popular channel, it means you have a relatively larger number of subscribers.

Popularity and views also go side by side.

The more popular the channel, the more the number of views.

This means that you can make money with a lot more ease through this route.

It will also be a relatively more sustainable source of income in this way. This, therefore, has a direct impact on your per view rate.

Even when you take into account sponsored content or video ads, the per view rate is an important decider.

You have to understand most big brands would contact the more popular channels.

Their idea is to reach a broader cross-section of viewers.

So it would not make sense to target minor players.

So the more popular a channel is, more the number of sponsored promos that you could choose from.

You can always calculate the revenue that you generate via YouTube to decide on what to take and what to leave aside.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Often how much YouTubers make per view is also dependent on how they choose to monetize their YouTube channel.

Of course, ads are the most common way to earn money through them, but that’s not the only way.

Ads also involve a steep road to success.

YouTubers have to approach brands and then look for endorsements.

On an average, Google AdSense pays around $18 per 1000 views.

But this also includes the YouTube share and tax deductions.

These are very important deductions.

YouTube takes as much as 67% of the money paid by the advertisers on the website.

This is exactly why if you want to make money, you need to explore other routes to monetize your channel too.

This is exactly where sponsored content and promotions come to play.

Depending on the number of views you generate, you can earn the varying amount of money from these sponsors.

For high viewership websites, this could be even close to $100 per 1000 views.

But it also needs strong negotiation skills and hard bargaining capabilities.

Only then you can hope to get a good deal.

Alternatively, you can also look at cross-promoting your YouTube content on Facebook and Instagram for leveraging your profits.

Types Of Ads

When you make money on a per view basis, it is extremely important to take forward your promotional activity in a calculated fashion.

This is why how much money do YouTubers make per view also depends on the type of ads that you choose to put up with.

As a YouTuber, it is very important to gauge the pulse of your potential audience.

On the online forum, this is perhaps the only way to keep your audience hooked.

You have to make sure that they come back to you to check new posts.

This is exactly why you must select the ads on YouTube very carefully.

Not only should you look for ads that go with the content of your YouTube channel but also appeal to the audience.

The audience should not be put off with the ad, nor should you place them very frequently.

This will then irritate the viewers as they would not be able to watch the content uninterrupted.

This can then have a somewhat damaging impact on the kind of views you get going forward.

Therefore, you need to maintain this tricky balance for the best results.

Location Matters

When you are analyzing how much money do YouTubers make per view, have you ever paid attention to their location?

Do you think it is sheer coincidence that most of them are from chic and urban areas?

Do you see names like London, New York, Los Angeles or Hong Kong clouding the timeline a bit too often?

Well, the truth is this is a sheer financial reality.

The amount of money you can make on a per view basis is also directly dependent on your location.

In also depends on the degree of internet penetration in your area.

For example, when you are located in an urban and plush location with a high rate of internet penetration, it is a lot easier to generate viewers.

On the contrary in relatively remote locations, you will have to undertake a greater degree of promotional activity for same results.

Often the number of views for YouTubers is also dependent on the frequency and kind of internet access.

Supposing your target audience has easy access to smartphones and can watch your posts on the go, they will no doubt generate a relatively higher degree of the audience.

It is needless to mention that greater views would help you make money a lot more easily.

Additionally, your geographical location would often shape the quality of your content.

This means your relative acceptability is also dependent on that crucial element.

Remember your diction, style of talking, quality of content is all closely linked to the kind of place you are from.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the relative acceptance of your content also gets tempered in the same manner.

Moreover, the internet culture and the popularity of YouTube can also play an important role in deciding how much YouTubers make per view from the same kind of content.

A Balanced View Is Often the Key to Success

Therefore, when you are looking at various details of how much YouTubers make per view, you have to take up a multi-pronged approach.

Remember greater views help you make money faster.

But it does not mean that greater views will assure a certain minimum income.

The money that you earn on YouTube is divided into several sub-parts. There is the AdSense or the YouTube share.

A user does not get to fix this rate. This is already a pre-decided amount as decided by Google AdSense which operates the revenue system on YouTube.

That apart, you must also get a clear perspective on your tax liabilities.

You must know for sure the amount of money that the IRS will deduct After that you can take a realistic look at your actual earnings.

But remember you have certain overhead expenses too.

You need to record the video, edit it and make it visually appealing.

All of these have a role to play in deciding how much money do YouTubers make per view.

Taking a balanced view is often the key to success.

A Much Better Way to Make Money on YouTube

Yes, YouTube pays you per view, and you can even run your own campaign as a YouTuber.

However, there is a more professional way to make money on YouTube which is not merely dependent on the number of views:

You can use your YouTube channel to drive traffic to your site or blog and build your mailing list.

Then, you can use your mailing list to promote your products and make a lot of money, no matter how much your videos will be viewed later.

I mean, you should not allow the YouTube traffic to be wasted.

99% of those who watch your videos, will leave and will never come back.

If you succeed to collect their email addresses, you can always keep in touch with them and offer your products.

Then, all you will have to do, is offering the high-ticket products and services that make a lot of commissions.

This is a much better way to maximize your profit from your YouTube channel, compared to making money per view.

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