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KaratGold Coins vs. Cryptocurrencies

The KaratGold Coin (KBC) is the first cryptocurrency that has an actual physical gold value vs. all other cryptocurrencies on the market.
KaratGold mine worth 900 million dollars at New York stock on May 09, 2018.
The chosen name for such a token call KaratGold Coin.

Unlike the other digital currencies that are made with bubbles and can collapse at any time, the KaratGold has a real gold backup.

Investing in gold been always the best and safest way of long term investment in history since gold can be cashed at any time.

Gold is the word that always people use when there are investment suggestions and advice.

History of Gold Value vs. Cash Money

Many cultures are asking for gold for their marriage contracts because the gold value is growing by the time and will never lose its value.

If you check the cash values of any currencies, they’ve lost their values by the time and they don’t have the same purchase power of 10 years ago.

The same dollar that we used to be able to purchase an item 10 years ago, we are not able to purchase anything nowadays because it lost its purchase power.

Gold value increased since 10 years ago and if you had an investment of 10 grams of gold 10 years ago nowadays it is a 52.08% increase based on the following chart.

Gold price Increase1

Gold never expires or loses values, so you can keep it forever.

Imagine when Bitcoins with no backup values increase that fast, how KaratGold coin with real physical gold value backup will be increasing in the near future.

It will be the most popular cryptocurrency and very strong in global purchase power.

Investing In KCB Karat Coin Bank

KCB is the number one digital coin in the world cryptocurrency bank.

It is based on the block-chain technology that everyone can see how the gold been stored, converted with gold backup and tracked, as well as it’s very safe.

It is in the x-change market and can be used with its own app and ATM machines all around the world.

The following video is guiding you on how to invest in the KCB karat gold coin.

Please click here to register or login for investment.

KaratGold Biography

The company calls KaratBars founded in 2011 and started selling the small real gold units of 24K (999.9) in 1 gram, 2.5 grams and 5 grams to the consumers.

KaratBars company also offers the affiliate programs that people can make money by referring the KaratBars to the people they know.

Since the year 2017, the company decided to create a new coin call KaratGold, which backs in actual gold value.

KaratGold Coin (KBC) is the new revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies which has an actual gold value.

At the beginning of May 2018, KaratBars company signed a contract with Madagascar gold mine company and as a result, KaratGold gold coins (KBC) are the only actual real token with real physical gold value in the world.

Comparing all Other Cryptocurrencies to the KaratGold

As we know that all other cryptocurrencies have no actual values as back support and they are just some virtual stokes without any supporting values.

The KaratBars company has the safest system, with a high safety secure storage system in the Swiss.

KaratGold company has a very promising future plan and it will become the second-largest gold company in the world base on Asia.

All other cryptocurrencies are in the bubble and can crash at any time because they don’t have any actual values.

Although all other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins are hot in the stock market, they can crash at any time and leave all the investors with a big loss.

The Future and The Usage of Cryptocurrencies

We all know that cryptocurrencies are going to be the future way of currency usage.

People will get their pay on cryptocurrencies and purchase everything with the cryptocurrencies.

Since cryptocurrencies are replacing the physical money they must have the physical actual values as well.

Physical money has an equivalent gold or worth values behind it as a supporting value.

If that actual worth value of the currency, loses its value, the worth of that currency will be affected as well.

So, imagine nowadays, all of those existing cryptocurrencies in the stock market that exists without any actual physical worth values and the governments are allowing them.

People don’t understand the danger behind it and they don’t realize that all of them are just bubbles and they are investing in a bubble that can be pop at any second.

Most of the cryptocurrencies are in the market, have no actual value and their future is unknown.

They are very risky and no one should trust them and invest in them for long time investments.

However, with KaratGold you can buy them and invest as well since it has a gold value, and gold been always known as a good long term investment and it will never go bad.

KaratGold (KBC) the Only Reliable Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin doesn’t have a reliable long term investment.

“A self-proclaimed former Bitcoin “evangelist,” Raoul Pal”

“Bitcoin, by design, is limited to 21 million currency units.
This arbitrary limit is what makes its value go up as more and more units are being mined.
Turns out, though, the cryptocurrency is running into problems as it becomes too popular for its own good.

Bitcoin transactions have skyrocketed in the past years,
but since they are being processed in 1MB-size “blocks,” the system has become so sluggish that a purchase might take hours to confirm.

As a result, rivaling factions in the Bitcoin community have proposed two different software updates to solve the conundrum, but the chances of finding a unanimous solution are slim.

Here’s where Bitcoin’s most coveted trait—the lack of central oversight—might become its downfall, because who will make the decision which method to adopt?

Apparently, the two factions are so at odds that some people call it a “civil war in the blockchain community.”

Raoul Pal does not approve of any of the two proposed alterations:
“Now they’re talking about the hard forks changing it, and even if they don’t, the fact that they could, what does that mean in the future? Suddenly, we get to 21 million Bitcoins and they go, ‘No, we were only joking, we’ll print another 21 million.’”

Which, of course, would be the death knell for Bitcoin’s credibility.”2

Competing Between KaratGold (KBC) and Other Cryptocurrencies

There are several reasons for KaratGold to stand out between its competitors.

  1. KaratGold is backed up with real physical gold
  2. Gold is always money
  3. The well known long term investment of gold has a very long history
  4. No other precious metals can compete with gold.
  5. Power of gold will get stronger by time and will never go bad

Since KaratGold is the only cryptocurrency that has a real physical gold as a backup, it can stand out between all other bubbly competitors.

Now it’s time to build your future investment since we all know that the future of currencies are cryptocurrencies.

The physical traditional money system will be replaced with the digital currencies in the near future.

There will be no physical cash in hands anymore and all will be digital.

Digital currencies should be valuable as well.

Many different types of cryptocurrencies in the market nowadays, but many of them have no actual backup supports.

They can collapse at any time because they’ve built in the bubble and they don’t have any actual values.

Bitcoins are very harmful to the environments and they can collapse at any time because it has no actual physical values.


In Conclusion

There are many factors that affect all cryptocurrencies.

Number one is the competitors, supplies, and the number of demands in the market.

The number of demands in the stock market can increase the value of any cryptocurrencies.

When people believe and realize how powerful and reliable the KaratGold tokens are, the demands will increase as well.

Increasing the demands will increase the value of the cryptocurrency such as KaratGold (KBC) coins.

The future of KaratGold investors is clear since it’s backed up with real gold and gold is always money.


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