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Online Work from Home Part Time Jobs: Is There Such a Thing?

Many times, when you are considering part time jobs from home, almost invariably, the first option that would come to your mind is online jobs.

The flexibility that these online work from home jobs offer coupled with the strong income opportunity makes them one of the most lucrative part time jobs.

Additionally, these part time online work from home make it possible for you to undertake multiple online opportunities to make money.

Also improve the scope of your creativity and talent.

The wide range of part time jobs while at home that you could choose from, makes it a great way to achieve appropriate work-life balance.

Moreover, most times, a majority of these online home based  part time jobs do not require huge experience and the skills are such that it can be mastered in a short time.

The other advantages include…

  • Being able to work from any location as per your convenience
  • Ability to work without time limits
  • Work as per your schedule
  • No age limit as work criterion
  • No pressure of meeting targets

The added advantage is there is no specific shelf life for this kind of employment.

There is no retirement age either. You can work for as long as you are able to and keep earning remuneration as per your necessities.

Therefore, these part time jobs from home surely bring out an alternate career mode for those interested in working from home on a part time basis.

But the question that might bother you often is how viable are these online part time jobs?

The good news is now there are lots of legitimate websites which offer sustainable earning opportunities even when you are looking at part time jobs.

Scope Of Payment

When you are considering these various part time jobs at home, the payment parameters are very important.

  • How you will decide the exact rate that you will charge
  • The exact terms of payment and the basis on which it is decided
  • The way of collecting the payment
  • The manner in which the payment structure is determined

Online Transfer

Most times companies enter into a long-term agreement with work from home employee and facilitate easy online transfers for their convenience.

Given the ease with which bank transfers happen and convenience of undertaking banking operations using the internet.

It has become much simpler for you to monetize the work undertaken for online part time jobs.

Moreover, no one has to keep tab of the work separately.

Most times, it is based on the project.

You get paid on the basis of the project that you are responsible for completing within a stipulated hour.

So, nobody is really there keeping a track of the number of hours that you are putting in or not putting in.

The ultimate test is the kind of work you deliver and within the pre-decided time that you need to finish it within.

The rate that you can charge can vary from $5/hour to close to $1000 a month for part time jobs from home.

With experience, you will realize that you can look at increasing your billing rate as per your caliber.

So the increase in your payment is not dependent on any boss or examination.

It is solely on the basis of your personal capabilities and how well you can optimize your service quality and content.

Additionally, part time jobs from home do not have a set payment structure.

Most times, it is based on individual capabilities.

So you can negotiate a higher rate and even get it if you think you deserve to get it and you are able to bargain appropriately.

The Top Online Part Time Job Options

That takes us to the next important issue, what are the at home online part time jobs that you could pursue for generating legitimate earnings.

Here is a quick lowdown on some of the most common and easily executable online jobs that you can pursue at ease.

1 . Affiliate Marketing

An online job that you can pursue on a part time basis is undeniably affiliate marketing.

It is one of the most convenient ways of making a slow and steady income plan working from home.

You can join any affiliate program of your choice and start promoting their product.

It is a win all proposition.

While on the one hand, you do not have to worry about maintaining order shipments, handling orders and the likes.

Then at the same time, can look at earning as much as 50% by selling the product that they choose to promote.

2 . Blogging

Blogging is another part time online work from home that never takes a toll on your resources, but helps you earn a few hundred dollars every month.

This is a part time job which you can pursue in your free time and you don’t really need to make any extra effort for it.

Moreover, there are lots of ways for you to make money from your blog; this includes placing ads, selling affiliate marketing products.

Additionally, undertaking product reviews can be as part of the blog.

You could also levy a membership fee for all subscribing to your blog.

3 . Posting Videos on Youtube

Perhaps you might not have considered this ever as a possible option, but you can easily make as much as $500 from this part time job.

Yes indeed posting videos on youtube can be one of the attractive part time online jobs from home.

In just two steps, you will be able to create a viable income opportunity that can make sure that your free time is well utilized.

Moreover,  your daily schedule is not interrupted in any manner whatsoever.

If you are good with the video camera and shoot different kinds of interesting videos, all you need to do is join Youtube’s partner program and reap the advantage of uploading your passion.

Making a video of something you like doing can be very satisfying, and when you can make money from that, it’s like an icing on the cake.

You can even post how to do videos on popular themes like baking a cake to making a slime dough for kids; the subjects can be just about anything under the sun.

As long as there are sufficient queries for the question and a certain minimum number of people accessing the video, you can look at making a reasonable amount of money from that post.

4 . Pay Per Click

This is by far the easiest part time online jobs from home. All you need to do is click an ad and view it for 15-30 seconds.

You get paid for it in return. However, you must go for only the trusted sites with a significantly larger user base and strong payment track record.

This will ensure that you don’t get hoodwinked by many illegitimate and potential fake website owners.

There are many online listings that could help you identify the trusted sites and transact with only reliable sources.

Some sites also have some offers going along with the simple ad clicks that you can complete and make a cool couple of dollars from it.

Therefore, it becomes an immensely attractive part time proposition.

5 . Online Survey

Another online work from home part time job that can help you make a reasonably satisfying income.

All you need to do is fill up a wide range of surveys  for different kinds of businesses in your free time.

This will mean that it does not encroach upon your daily schedule but helps you better use of free time that you might be having.

But again, you must be careful about not getting entrapped in scams. You need to be careful about operating through only legitimate websites.

6 . Online Tutor

Another convenient  part time job option would surely be that of an online tutor.

You can just decide on working 2-3 hours on a part time basis and then look out for possible options.

The advantage of online tutoring is that there is no limitation by any specific geographical limitations.

Say even if you are in US and free around 11 pm local time, you could easily look at tutoring some kid in Asia needing assistance in your subject of expertise.

7 . Typing Captcha

Another interesting and offbeat online part time job would that is of typing captcha for websites.

On an average, these Captcha vary from 4 to 10 characters and can earn around $2-3 for every captcha you type.

You can type almost 1000 Captcha in 1-2 hours.

Depending on the number of hours you can work and the number of days you can devote, you can generate a reasonable earning from this part time job.

Just devoting 4 hours a day on this online job could help you make as much as $400 a day easily.

8 . Online Google Jobs

If you are considering online jobs that you could pursue on a part-time basis, there is no business that makes as much sense like Google AdSense.

More than 70% of the people, who are relying on various types of online jobs, earn through Google AdSense.

You can work part time or full time depending on your time and availability and earn anywhere between $250-500 depending on your tenacity.

The upside is quite high and dependent mostly on your will and ability to translate opportunity into profit.

9 . Micro-job Offers

As the name suggests, these are those types of part time job offerings which might not strike you as significant but you still make money.

For example, sharing a small update on your social network profile or solving a captcha or even help to look for some details, you can earn anywhere between $0.05 to $1 for each little update.

Additionally, you do not have to look helter-skelter for these types of online job postings.

There are websites that have dedicated postings for all these types of jobs and help you make good use of your free time.

10 . Online Trading

Probably it is not prominent in the list of conventional part time online jobs from home, but nevertheless it is an extremely interesting proposition.

If you do understand the stock markets or commodities market or any asset class for that matter, you could begin online trading.

Just as in the case of any online work from home jobs, all you need is a good laptop and fast internet connection.

You can also refer to research material for the better understanding of the types of stocks, commodities or currency trade that you might choose to undertake.

In the search for suitable online job alternatives, you do not need to limit your search to just online stock trading; you can even look at buying and selling domain names.

For several companies, they are ready to buy a domain name of their choice for thousands of dollars, if they do not get what they are looking for in the first go.

You could also look at buying and selling websites.

However, in this case, you also need to undertake the responsibility of developing the website completely and generating the required traffic for it.

11 . Network Marketing

This is another legitimate online work from home job that you can also pursue on a part time basis.

Also known as multi-level marketing, there are many lucrative opportunities in this space.

However, you need to be extremely careful about the company you choose to work with.

This is because there are many illegal and illegitimate pyramid schemes too which are operating on similar lines.

Perhaps the biggest clue about a legitimate company that needs you to undertake network marketing would be undoubtedly the key product that they are promoting or need to market aggressively.

There Is Such a Thing As Part Time Online Jobs From Home

We can easily conclude that there is a myriad of part time online jobs from home that are easily available.

You no longer need the services of a smiling doctor’s assistant or even your post delivery for alerts.

These online work from home part time jobs become a great tool for using your leisure hours effectively.

Also, provide you with exposure to things that you might be interested in. However, you need to exercise caution.

These part time jobs from home help you unleash your creative instincts and give a completely new dimension to even simple exercises like tying a ribbon.

Therefore, no reason to wait, just log on and start earning reasonably well.

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