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Search Engine Evaluator as a Part Time Home Based Job

Working as a search Engine evaluator  is one of the top 5 part time home based jobs using internet.

Search Engine Evaluator is a person who rates the relevant results of the searches on any search engines and then rates them based on their relevant results.

Usually they are trying to evaluate the company’s website, pages, videos, blogs and so on.

They are trying to type a keyword and narrow it down until they’ll get the minimum results.

Then they should read the contents of the site in order to see if the articles, documents and information are relevant.

If their is any mistakes or any typos.

The search engine evaluate, then should rate the site based on the contents of the site and the information that they’re providing.

How useful the information are to public and if the article is relevant to the search result.

The Advantages of Becoming a Search Engine Evaluater

  • It’s a work from home type of job
  • No investment requires
  • Location free
  • Knowledge Improvement

1 – It Is a Work From Home Type of Job

Evaluate the Search Engines Results from Home

If you are looking to have a part time home job, search engine evaluate is one of the good choices.

Working from home is usually fun because you are more comfortable and that will make you want to perform better.

Normally mothers with young children prefer to work from home and they prefer to make money in the comfort of their home.

No need to travel to work everyday since you have the option to work from home and just evaluate the search engines.

It is very difficult to wake up early morning and get ready to work, stuck in the heavy morning and afternoon traffic but you won’t have that problem anymore.

You can be on your pajamas and siting behind the computer doing your work.

2 – No Investment Requires

Evaluating search engines does not require any investments or upfront money.

All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

The company that hires you to work as a search engine evaluator usually has to train you based on their requirements.

Training should not be very difficult since is not a professional job type working as a search engine evaluate agent.

Your computer knowledge is your investment in order to be able to  successfully evaluate the search engines.

However, you should pay your own electricity and internet bills and better to have an unlimited internet access.

3 – Location Free

Enjoy Location Freedom

When we say it’s “Location free type of job” means you can work from any location.

That means all you need is just an Internet connection and a laptop computer.

You can just grab your laptop and go to any library, restaurant, mall, or coffee shop and start working.

Search engine evaluate’s agent is not oblige to have an office with all the heavy equipment.

He/She can work from anywhere which is one of the best advantage of working as an evaluator for search engines.

The company’s head office might be located in another province of country and you still can perfectly evaluate their sites in the search engines results.

4 – Knowledge Improvement

Improve Your Knowledge As a Web Evaluator

Search engine evaluators are oblige to do lots of research, reading, comparison and so on.

By doing above activities, you will have to study and analyze the results.

The agents are learning something new everyday.

Evaluating the search engines forces the evaluator to read more and more results.

Evaluators are learning a lot about the world.

Agents are discovering something new each time they are evaluating any search engines.

Rating search engines based on the key-phrases is the main task in this type of business.

Search results should be result of the highest relevant sites in the search values.

Moreover, the position of the company’s site in the search engine is very important.

Disadvantages of Becoming a Search Engine Evaluator

  • Salary is less than $18 per hour
  • Your salary is hourly based
  • Financial freedom is not applicable
  • Business does not belong to you
  • No job security
  • Physical damage as a result of lack of exercise

– Salary is Less Than $18 per Hour

As a search engine evaluator the salary is usually not high.

The average salary of a search engine evaluate agent is between a minimum of $11 and a maximum of $18 per hour.

Although you don’t pay anything for transportation, but the salary is still not high enough to make your life easy.

In many cases you should pay your own taxes.

No employment benefits in most of enterprises when they are outsourcing.

You should work for certain hours per day and the company tracks your login and activities while you are working on their site.

Sometimes, the employer downloads an application to your computer in order to keep track of your working hours.

Your Salary is Hourly

Considering the salary for the search engine evaluators, the pay is hourly based.

That means there is no time frame freedom and you have to report your hours to get paid.

If you exceed the maximum hours then you may not get pay for your overtimes.

Search engine evaluator job is not a full time regular job.

Although you have a contract with the company but you should follow their rules.

The evaluator should keep tracking of his/her work hours and send the hours report in regular bases and get pay once a month.

– Financial Freedom is not Applicable

Despite the fact that you are owning your own business but you have a contract with the company and should follow their requirements.

Waiting to get your pay based on the number of hours that you accumulated during each campaign.

The pay is limited and there is a ceiling for your hours, so you can’t exceed and work more to gain more money.

As a sub contractor you are not allow to work for other companies while you are a web search analysis for a company.

Basically, you are stuck with a part time job and low salary income.

The money you make by doing web evaluation is not enough to make you achieve your financial freedom goal.

Working only up to maximum of 25 hours per week for a salary of between $11 to $18 per week minus taxes is just an extra money work from home income.

No one can get into the financial freedom satisfaction level by working as a search engine evaluator.

– Business does not belong to you

Being a search engine evaluator you basically a freelance web evaluator.

Freelancer who runs it’s own business under a contract with the companies who are planning to outsource some services such as…

  • Search Engine Evaluate
  • Freelance writer
  • IT/ Computer services
  • Designer
  • Maintenance

After all a freelancer is not a owning the projects or tasks that they are working on.

There are some standards that should be follow by both sides of the contracts for the freelancer.

Besides, you do not have any power over the mission because you don’t own the business when you sign a contract with a start to end time frame.

Hourly pay part time job from home with an initial maximum number of hours is obvious that you are not free in your own business because you have a contract to follow and finish.

– No Job Security

No job security is the major problem in our society.

Even when you work for a government or any company with union there are no job security as they promise.

Union employees thinking their job is secure, but in the reality there is no such a secure jobs.

Employee’s union can provide a job offer if you lose your post, but there is no guaranty that you can get a job related to your skills.

Periodically, union employee member who was hired as an engineer can become a caretaker or orderly, after few levels of bumping by more senior employees.

Promise is to get you a job which they call it a job security, regardless of your skills and qualifications.

All they care about is the seniority level and no matter what your education level is, connection and favoritism, especially in Canadian employee’s union sectors.

When you work as a freelance search engine evaluator there is an hourly based salary with a time-frame for each campaign.

Which is very clear that it is not a permanent job that you should count on.

For a web evaluator there is no job security at all.

Companies are usually open a campaign for their site’s search engine results and keywords to be evaluated.

They want to know if the search engines’ search results are relevant based on the keywords lists they have created.

The web evaluator should make sure there are no errors on the results and rates them based on the search engine results.

Backup plan is always required when you don’t have a permanent job.

In this case, working part time doing search engine evaluating as a sub contractor requires a backup plan hundred percent.

There is a ceiling for your income and you can’t exceed the limit.

So in this case, there is no job security involved and you can’t rely on doing web evaluation as a permanent job.

– Physical Damage as a Result for Lack of Exercise

Nowadays, office workers are suffering with obesity, eyes disease, arthritis, back problem and so on…

Working as a search engine evaluation is an office based work from home job which can cause physical damages in your body withing long way.

Here are some examples…


Lack of exercise is the main reason for all above health issues.

By doing that and sitting for long hours we gain weight very quickly.

Obesity is the main issues as a result of internet based working from home.

Most of us likes to eat while focusing on doing some challenging jobs.

Stress also can cause changing in your appetite and you eat more without knowing it.

Nowadays, obesity is a major issues with modern societies because of the changes in the technologies.

Jobs such as web analysis, web site evaluation on the search engines are one of those jobs that can cause obesity.

Moreover, no matter where you work from, you should eat well and healthy plus do not skip any meal.

Stretching and few minutes walk can make a big different.

Hard on Your Eyes

Focusing your eyes on the monitor is drying out your eyes which is not healthy for your eyes.

The light reflections on the monitors are causing eyes disease in a a long way.

You can use monitor’s screen protections, lowering the brightness of your screens to prevent from eye disease but it’s not 100% guaranty.

In general most of Information technology experts, office workers, customer service, bloggers, and search engine evaluators are suffering from eye disease.


Chronic joints inflammations which is usually genetic but can get worse by some routine body positions.

Sitting for long hours may affects injuries on your back, nick, knees, wrists, hips and so on.

Sometimes it might become more serious and end up with issues such as carpal tunnel disease.

However, lack of exercise and in appropriate work place can cause joints inflammations.

You have to take a break and do some stretching to avoid arthritis causes by occupations.

Is It Worth It to Sign a Contract As a Search Engine Evaluation Specialist?

Now you should think twice before signing any contracts with companies to work part time on hourly pay with restrictions.

Low salary, short period of time, maximum hours that you can accumulate and no financial freedoms are all disadvantages of evaluating the search engines.

Furthermore, Doing any office jobs from home can cause health issues in the long time.

However, there are many other options that you can have to make more money with the same energy and times you spend by doing this.

Let the companies to hire a new employee and open a new job position with the SEO and pay for their benefits as well.

Since you have the time and skills to be able to do researches why don’t you use it to make a fortune.

There are many other easier ways of being able to make money online.

Your Knowledge Increases by Doing Web Research Everyday

Why don’t you take the advantages of your knowledge and using it in the smarter way to make more money online.

I can show you how to change your life within a short period of time, working for yourself by working online from anywhere.

You shouldn’t waist your time and energy on working for others to become rich with your skills and effort.

Having financial freedom, being your own boss and making a big chunk of money by doing exactly the same as you do in your daily job.

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