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Top SEO In WordPress Questions That I Was Able To Find The Answers!

Looking to implement SEO in WordPress for your website or blog? Let Rojan answer some of the most common SEO in WordPress questions.

WordPress is that because WordPress is the simplest blogging system that you need a little or no knowledge of coding.

WordPress simplicity and features are making the web designers and bloggers to fall in love with this amazing application.

Important Points Using SEO in WordPress

There are many important points that needs to be concern about search engines optimizations.

All WordPress users should pay close attentions to the right niche and SEO.

Here I’m going to address some important elements that people have frequent questions on.

First Question :  Is WordPress Search engine friendly by default and we don’t have to do any optimization?

Answer:  Although WordPress is search engine friendly, but you still have to optimize your articles in order to make it work.

There is always a distinguish between the SEO (Search engine optimization) and the SEF (search engine friendly).

The website owners should be informed about this.

Companies can easily focus on the best way of using SEO in WordPress by hiring a qualified search engine optimizer.

You need and expert search engine optimizer in order to put enough keywords and phrases to make your site to get more visitors.

An expert SEO knows what overloading and keywords restrictions are.

Second Question: By installing SEO Plugin in WordPress, I don’t Need to do Anything Else and The Plugin Will Take Care of It For Me?

Answer is: NO!

WP Plugin will help and guide you to maximize your performances that you can see what your problems are.

It will point to the errors and possible mistakes that affects your article.

Checking affects on  SEF “Search engine friendly” and helps you with SEO “Search engine optimization”.

Will guide you through the right direction of making your site search engine friendly with good quality Search engine optimization techniques.

Main point of using SEO is to bring organic traffics and search.

The SEO specialist understands the important of organic traffics and how to optimize your site for great online marketing.

Bad articles and contents on your website or blogs can cause negative rankings in your site which will be affected by the search engines algorithm.

Maybe a few real life examples will help illustrate this better.

One of the most important critical points is the content marketing for any online business.

SEO analyst should optimize your contents for specific key-phrases and keywords.

By doing that can attract your audience to visit your site and become a buyer of your products and services.

Third Question: Which SEO WordPress Plugin Should I Chose?

There are several SEO plugins that you can chose and install, but it is better to check their reviews first of all.

I personally use the Yoast SEO and it is very user friendly and easy to understand.

You have to make sure it is compatible with your theme as well.

Usually I try to install them one at a time.

Reason is for a trial purpose and if I don’t like it, just simply deactivate and then delete it from the list of my installed plugins.

Make sure to update them each time there is a new update, that you don’t miss the advantage of using the new updates.

Check the popularity of the plugin before you install it and read all the reviews.

The development support and help center of the plugin company should be very responsive and able to answer all your relevant questions.

Fourth Question:  Is My Hosting Company Affects The SEO and My Site Ranking in The Search Engines?

Answer is:  YES!

If the hosting servers are very busy and crashes or not fast enough:

  • It will make a delay in your page uploads
  • Audience get board waiting for your page to show up
  • Will be a negative impact on your website
  • You will lose audience

Each time you update your site, the hosting should be quick enough to make sure all your data been updated immediately.

Update should be immediately and not on the next day or within few hours.

The security and backup of your files are important when you chose your hosting company.

Support team should be always available to help you with any hosting and filing related issues.

Also, make sure your hosting can support WordPress and its plugins as well.

Hosting backup and restore should be user friendly and secure.

Fifth Question: Is Duplicate Contents Affects SEO ?

The answer is: Yes!

Unless you inform google about the original version of the page which been indexed already by using meta directives or rel=canonical.

Prevents the problems caused by duplicate contents in several urls.

Example: <Link  rel=”canonical”  href = “https://rojansalman.com/seo-wordpress-questions” />

Sixth Question: Is it Better to Install WordPress On Each Domain Sub folder Separately or just use the default WordPress in your hosting root?

To answer to this question, I suggest to install WordPress on each domain separately

The other suggestion is that:

  1. If you are planning to add a blog on your website, then install the WordPress in a sub-folder on your website, For example: yourwebsite.com/blog
  2. If it’s the only site you can use the WordPress that already came with your control panel.
Seventh Question:  Can I Assign My Article into Many Categories? Does that Affects The SEO on My Site?

WordPress gives you an option to be able to select multiple categories for your article.

However, you have to be careful with SEO and make sure that your keywords and key-phrases been applied they are relevant.

It might create duplicate content and that must be avoid or inform Google about the original version of the article that been indexed already.

Eight Question: Is the Usage Of H1 More Often in Our Article Affects The SEO?

Using H1 tags more than once might affects the SEO and it might be seen as spam and that will affect the organic search ranking of your site.

H1 tag is better to use only for the first heading, which is the most important title on your article.

Ninth Question: Is the usage of Widgets in my WordPress Can Improve The SEO of My Site?

The usage of WordPress widget is that we can use the pre-made contents across our site or blog without doing any coding.

Using widgets on our website can improve the SEO in many cases.

Usage of widget makes your site to become user friendly and that leads your site to be easily accessible and organized, as a result improve in SEO.

WordPress widgets can target your niche and related audiences.

Moreover, that makes your site to attract the audience who are looking and searching about your items and services and that improves the SEO.

It makes it easier for the search engines to identify your website and address your audience toward your website and as a result you will have more visitors.

You’ll improve visitor loyalty, and make it easier for search engines to understand what the page is about.

Tenth Question: Is Using Different Languages On My WordPress Affects the SEO on my Site?

You always should set your WordPress language based on your visitor’s location and language.

By doing that you can bring more visitors to your site and that will enhance your SEO.

WordPress already has translation tool which translated your articles into many languages which you can do the configuration in administrator settings.

In order to get the most out of your SEO, it is better to translate all your WP plugins to the language of your audience.

Never use IP localization.

Since the proxy settings on the servers can make it looks like it came from other locations and that can create the language confusion and you will lose audience.

Eleventh Question: Is SSL Certificate Affects My SEO Ranking?

The answer is: YES

Number one reason for owning ssl certificate is about the ownership of the specific public keys.

Usually you should ask your hosting provider for the ssl certification.

By doing this your http:// yoursite.com will be change to https://yoursite.com

However you should make some changes as well by clicking on the secure icon which is before the url if it shows it’s not secure in order to make sure it’s all green with a closed lock.

Twelve Question: How Long Does It Take My Brand New Site To Start Ranking On Google?

Brand new websites are usually not trusted by google and they should pass some certain criteria and rules to be respected before they will be recognized by search engines.

Usually it will take more than 32 weeks for the search engines to trust your site.

However, if you always have good and rich articles regularly, your site will get a good amount of traffics after 24 months.

You have to make sure the articles are around 2500 words in general with nice and catching information to stand out and be unique regarding the keyword you picked.

Try to post one article every week and make sure you follow all the SEO rules as well.

Do not overload your site with many monetizing links, that will make the visitors to leave your site and get confuse with many links at your site.

Topic you pick should be a unique topic and not be very general.

In general your general topic in SEO rules, is the one that has a lot of volume and less results.

Never try something that you are not familiar with or don’t have knowledge on.

Doing that make you provide poor quality of articles and your ranking will go down and it’s not beneficial for you.

Thirteen Question: Is YouTube Videos In My Site Will Improve My Site Ranking and Traffics?

The answer is: Yes

Nowadays, YouTube videos are the most common way of bringing traffics to your site and channels.

People are more interested to watch the videos rather than reading articles.

Best way to do this is to make nice useful videos and on top you write an article to back it up as well and link your channel to your site and related article.

It’s plenty of videos in almost any topic, and you should make sure your video stands out comparing to the competitors as well by making it catchy.

Make sure to follow the YouTube rules in order to not be banded and suspended from YouTube.

If so, it’s very difficult to make the trust relationship with YouTube and in many cases people force to close their channel totally and start over again and pass all the waiting periods.

YouTube SEO rules is also require some time frames and views rules and regulations for your videos.

Means, your videos should get some certain amount of views before you can do some modifications.

Channels should be old enough in order to make it monetized with your subscribed followers.

Regular video postings make your channel to become popular with a lot of visitors.

People share your videos and you’ll get more ranking and views, as a result you can make more money.

In your WordPress site make sure to have a page with all your videos that you can link your site to your YouTube channel and vise versa.

This way you can benefit from both ways with good quality articles and videos.


I hope this article been beneficial for you and that covers some of your questions about the WordPress SEO.

Nowadays, people are more visual and don’t like to read in most of the cases, especially the younger generations.

Try to go with the social needs and favor to serve as much as information as you can to bring more visitors and traffics to your site.

If you follow my advice you can bring the right amount of traffics to your site with good quality subscribers that you can offer them your products and services to make money with your site.

Make sure to load your articles and videos with useful information with nice and unique visual effects, but not too much and don’t overload your articles with images.

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