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Invest in Gold with Karatbars

Should You Go for Gold IRA Investing?

The question that the investors usually ask themselves is whether they should go for gold IRA investment or not.

Gold IRA Investment has a long history behind it and goes back to thousands of years ago.

Egyptians were the first people who made jewelries out of gold and it was the most important precious metal back then and still is.

The first gold coins as a currency made around 750 B.C and since then gold is the most valuable precious metal because it doesn’t oxidase and they can make valuable jewelries out of them.

In many cultures, gold is a very important investment for the families.

That’s why when they get married they have to purchase a good amount of gold as a form of jewelries and keep them as their future investments.

Investing in gold means that whenever you are in needs for financial problem, you can convert it into currency and cash it out.

This way, while you are enjoying wearing your jewelries at the same time the value of that peace will go up and you can cash it whenever you want to.

The Advantages of Gold IRA Investment

Gold IRA Investing

Gold in general is the support for the currency’s actual value of each country,  and the values changes base on the countries exchanging the gold into paper money and the value of their gold inventory.

There are many advantages of gold IRA Investment:

  1. No risks to invest in gold IRA
  2. Gold Can be cash at any time
  3. It Can be Convert into Any Currency Anywhere Around the World
  4. Easy to store
  5. Never expires
  6. Gold is valuable and you can get more financial credits
  7. It is a treasure
  8. Where to buy gold?
  9. The price is going higher and higher
1- No Risk to Invest In Gold IRA

We can not say it is totally risk free to invest in gold IRA but we can say the risks are less comparing to other investing methods.

Gold has been always a good investment method since thousands years ago and still valuable nowadays.

It is a long term investment and in each geographical areas or countries can be use as a good investment method.

In many cultures, the best gift is a piece of gold jewelry or a gold coin, that the person can keep it as an investment.

2- Gold Can be Cash at Any Time

Gold is stable and goes up at most of the times, it’s better to sale them when it goes up by 5 to 7% and buy more again when it goes down a little bit and do the same again and again.

Never own gold more than 30% of your net worth.

Be smart when you decide to invest in anything, which in this case is gold IRA Investment.

3- It Can be Convert into Any Currency Anywhere Around the World.

By investing in gold you can cash it out at any places around the world.

You can convert it at any location to any currency.

Basically gold is money and it is one of the best investments choices.

4- Easy to Store

Storing your physical gold is very important.

You should always keep your physical golds in a safe and secure location.

That location can be in the…

  • Safe box at your own home
  • A secret place at your own place where no one else can rich or have access to
  • You can rent a safe box from your financial institution or bank

Be careful when you have a lot of gold as an investments to not share your secrets with anyone.

Although, storing the physical gold is easy, at the same time it can be a dangerous for you if you don’t keep your secret and put it in a safe place.

5- Never Expires

Gold IRA investment never expires and it is a long term investment for you.

There is no expiry date or end of terms date when you invest on gold.

Some people are carrying their gold investments for generations as an inheritance.

6- Gold is Valuable and You Can Get Credit for it From Any Financial Institution

Since gold is a valuable investment that you can count on it, it will give you more financial credits when you own significant amount of gold IRA investment.

Most of financial institutions are counting your gold IRA Investment as an asset when they are evaluating your financial situations and credits.

That makes it easier for you when you are planning to invest in real states or buying a business and have to borrow some money from any financial institutions.

So, basically you will gain more credits and your credit score goes higher when they find out that you have invested in Gold IRA.

7- Owning Gold Is a Treasure

The fact that you give someone a piece of gold jewelry, it’s not just a little gift, it is a little investment too which is very joyful and appreciate in most of the cases.

That’s why families are giving gold coins as a gift for the couples when they get married because they can keep it as an investment.

The advantage of having the bar or coins as an investments is because, they are real gold with 22K plus and contain almost 99.9% gold.

When you sell the gold bar or coin, the price goes up and down in the market without any loss of crafting and designing price.

In general it is better to own physical gold and not the own the miners’ stock only.

8- Where to Buy Gold?

Try to buy your gold from the local dealers first.
Then internet is the next option.

When you purchase from the internet, you have to make sure that the site where you buy it from is not a scam and you’re safe to do your purchase.

Check the actual spot prices and get the best price you can find and then purchase your gold IRA.

The followings are the good and useful tips for any gold IRA investor:

1- Pay the least amount at the moment possible price per ounce which is (1/6 of pound, or 28.23 grams).
2- Try to check the gold vs stocks newsletters and the gold worth in daily basis.
3- When IRA gold investment is not physical, you have to check the market via internet in daily basis.
4- Don’t let someone else to store your gold for you.
5- Keep it always with you at your secret place.
6- Bullion coins, easy to sell, and store comparing to the bars.
7- You have to be careful that not all of them are 99.9% gold but you pay for what you get.
8- American Eagle are the best for investment purpose.
9- The bars and ingots are another option when you do investment in gold IRA, but it is hard to sell when you are in needs for cash.
10- Gold jewelry is another way of investing on gold  and you don’t need to declare it.

11- For the purpose of investing, try to not buy less than 22K , because the rest are getting the value as scrape gold and you will loss more.

9- The Price of Gold Is Going Higher and Higher

Since gold IRA investment is a long term investment, the price of the gold goes higher and higher every year.


Government Permits For Gold IRA Investment

Legal procedure of gold IRA investing should be concern when you are planning to invest in Gold.

You should ask the following questions before you start your gold IRA investing.

  • What kind of protections do I have?
  • How about if I get bankrupts?
  • How easy can I sell the golds?
  • Can I use gold IRA as a retirement plan investing?

Whatever retirement plans are protected for bankruptcy with the federal government.

That is because they are federal government programs but you have to be careful with your state rules and regulations as well in this matter.

Moreover, each state deals differently in the case of bankruptcy, which
you should find out before you do your investment and make sure it is secure.

Always make sure to consult it with your lawyer or someone who’s expert before investing in gold IRA.

However, in general each IRA has it’s own protection plans but you should make sure what your state’s laws are before you do your investment on gold.

-What should I do if the government changes the rules for IRA investors?

Any regulations should be voted before it becomes a law and you should not be so worried about it.

However, there are always the privacy, flexibility and accessibility
that makes you be always alert with any changes.

You have to make sure that you are able to easily withdraw, have access to them and cash it within few minutes when you buy your gold.

Most of gold IRA investment groups have their own security protections and insurances which they’ll provide to their own consumers.

Moreover, always check the security, laws and regulations of the province or state where you live to make sure your investment is secure.

-Is the Gold IRA Investing Taxable?

It depends on the government of your country’s rules on taxes.

In the state and north america, you pay taxes on your capital gain if you cash it out.

There are no taxes when you first purchase your gold IRA.

However you have to pay taxes, when you sell your gold on your profit only and not on the actual value of the gold.

Better to sell when it goes up by 10%, then you will pay annual taxes base on your profits.

There are some rules and conditions apply base on the state where you live in, but you should be investing in gold IRA for a minimum of one year in order to pay for the capital gain taxes.

Traditional IRAs vs Self Directed IRAs

Traditional IRAs are Paper Assets…

  • Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Bonds

Self direct IRAs are Physical Assets…

  • When you Own a Business
  • Investing or Own the Real estate
  • Investing in any Precious Metals, in this case Gold IRA

Investments are always risky and no matter what you are investing on.

But in general, self direct IRAs because in many cases are long term investments, they will have the lowest risks in long run.

However, you can not eliminate the risks completely, but you can control them and that is the investors responsibilities in general.

Try to do your own researches and make sure you are aware of all the changes to make the risks in their minimum.

How to Control your Gold IRA Investment?

You can always purchase your gold and ship it to your place or leave it at the storage.

It is tax free when you do your gold IRA investment.

However, you have to pay taxes on the profit when you sell your gold which is in the states around 25%.

In some gold companies they will open a personal account for you and you can put it to your personal account and keep it there.

When you purchase your gold IRA as an investment, the company will give you the ownership  certification.

The investor will always gets the certificates about the IRA with all the information on it.

That certification of ownership, will be the proof of your legal gold IRA investment, try to keep it in the safe security box as well.

Your Privacy and the Government Recognition about your Investment

When you own Gold IRA or any other metals, you should report it to the government as your investments and retirement plan option.

In general, in the US, at the end of each year, there is a form 5598 that has to be filed if you have any gold IRA investments.

The form is very simple and it’s only about the current value of the IRA invested.

Moreover, it is very private and you don’t put more information about your purchase time and profits in this form.

You Should Keep your Privacy About your Investment at any Time

If you decide to withdraw your gold IRA investments, there is a form that should be filled and send it with your taxes at the end of the year.

withdraw form of 1099, should be filled by the end of the year, on January 31.

The form is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of information.

Just have the value of the gold at the time they’ve been shipped to your address as a distribution without any buying and selling information.

Everything is based on the current spot price to buying and selling.

In general the law is that at the age of 59.5 and over you can take out your metal investments otherwise you will pay extra 10% as a penalty.

It is always your choice to store them in your Gold IRA  investing account or hold the physical metals.

Invest In New Digital Gold IRA

Future currencies are all going to become digital and soon there will be no more cash money to carry around.

There are many cryptocurrencies in the market that are backed up with technology, governments, banks, and so on.

The only cryptocurrency that has an actual gold value as a backup is the karatgold which has a 24k gold as a backup.

New revolution in the crypto world of digital currencies.

Start investing in such an amazing opportunity will build your future and as per you know gold will never go bad.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity by clicking here to purchase your digital gold coins.

Also, if you want to become a part of our millionaires club you are always welcome.

Therefore, you will get support from our team for life time and we will walk you through step by step tutorials as well.

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