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Different Ways Computer Programmers Can Make Money

Software engineers or computer programmers are people who create computer software by writing all the coding in specific computer languages.

Computer programmers are the spirit of any hardware and applications because, without programming, most of the electronic devices are useless.

With such power, computer programmers can make money in various ways.

Computer programmers can make money usually with writing codes for many software.

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History of Computer Programming

Programmable devices are existed since 1206 to be able to play some rhythms and drums but they were not the same as today.

In 1843 the first computer program created by Mrs. Ada Lovelace the mathematician who published an algorithm to calculate the sequence of Bernoulli numbers for the Analytical engine.

Ada Lovelace First ProgrammerAugusta Ada Lovelace is the first programmer in the world.

She was an English mathematician and writer (born on December 10, 1815, and died on November 27, 1852).

She was the first to notice that the machines should have applications beyond their pure calculation.1


Later in In the 1880 Herman Hollerith invented the theory of storing data in the machine-readable form and both programs and data used to be store in the memories of the computer.

The main purpose of today’s programming quality is not the same as before and it must provide the following:

  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Punctuality
  • Portability
  • Efficiency
  • Maintenance
  • The ability to handling the volume, variety, velocity

How Computer Programmers Make Money?

Programming is the main logic behind any high-tech devices algorithm.

Programmers can make any smart devices with their skills and knowledge.

They are the main hearth of the data technology and without the programmers, the future of digital technology doesn’t exist.

There are many  ways that computer programmers can make money with such as:

  • Mobile developer
  • Mobile app programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Software design
  • Game programmer
  • Database design
  • DBA
  • Program analyst
  • Embedded firmware developer
  • Web development
  • Online application
  • Big Data programmer
  • Big Data analysis
  • Data science

The main computer programmers’ skills are how to write and read the codes and specific computer languages, but a programmer can also design any application as well.

A good computer programmer, with more than five years of experience and an expert in one of the main computer programming languages and a few additional skills, can make a good income.

That good income is various from country to country and from a company to another company.

In general, the company’s programmer can be considered as a hearth of that company since the company makes money because of their knowledge.

Making Money as a Mobile App Developer

Mobile application development is one of the top hot programming skills nowadays.

, many mobile apps come out every day and all being created by programmers.

Most of the service providing businesses are offering app services and people can download their apps as well.

Therefore if you provide your app developing services they can sign a contract with you and become your permanent client with lifetime support.

Software Design

Designing the software is one of the most sensitive parts of any application or software.

The logic behind any application or software being designed by a software designer.

He or she will create all the main structure and blueprint of the software before anything else.

Some information technology departments are using a few designers in their team and all of them should work with each other to make sure everything is linked properly based on the company’s needs.

It can be a software designer, database designer, web designer, and also the app designer.

They must decide which programming language should be used for their application as well.

All of those steps must be done before the starting of any coding.

Database Programmer

The database programmers are responsible for the back-end of the applications.

That means they have to make sure the application can store, sort, search, update, and more based on the command.

Computer programmers who are working with the database can make a lot of money.

Working as a database programmer requires SQL skills and logical queries with the best and fastest result.

Some complex applications with many, many tables can communicate and access data with the queries that have been created by the database programmers.

Game Programmer

The programming game is one of the high pay computer programmings in today’s high tech world.

There are billions of people who are playing computer games in their daily rooting and all of those games being created by the game programmers.

However, a game tester is another way of making money. The tester is just playing the newly developed game to find the errors and bugs in the game before they put it in the market.

Big Data Programmer

Programming big data is the highest paying programming language.

The big data programming uses python and java as their main programming languages.

Moreover, big data is a new way of storing, sharing, visualization, update, search and fetching data in many locations within the same network.

Therefore, when a user fetching any data requests such as an image or any data with large size of data, the query result will be done within a few seconds.

That happens because the data is not being stored in the sole database on the server and the data in this type of system are been store in various locations in the same network.

Search wains are collecting all the states of peace from different locations at the same time and they create a total package and submit it to the end-user.

Computer scientists came out with this idea, because of the high demand for medical images and sharing the database information between the medical centers.

Now, the traditional way of storing the data in a single database with many tables doesn’t exist anymore with big data.

A copy of any data stores in several physical locations on the same network and they are using the cloud system to create this network.

The main purpose of big data is the capability of handling the volume, variety, and velocity.

When there is a command, the system will search in parallel in all entire the network and all the physical computers in the system to be able to collect the data.

As a result, the search result will be thousands of times faster than the traditional way of querying within the same database.

Clouding and Big Data Analysis

With the late method of clouding system and big data programming, there is always a need for analyzing the programs.

Data analysis is the way to find the logic behind the application or program and to make sure the program is co-responding with the company’s needs.

Also, the security of data should be a concern and data analysts can make sure everything is running with a logical and accurate result.

The three Vs; volume, variety, velocity should be a concern with the big data analysis to make sure the program can handle all of those requirements.

Since the growth of data increases every day very quickly, the governments and healthcare system, security and database data transfers are huge.

Growth of data is 4.2 exabytes every day, the big data is a revolution in data science to help with data systems to be able to handle such a big data volume.

Computer programmers who can work with big data can make a lot of money and there are many demands for big data programmers or analysts.

Embedded firmware developer

The programmer who works as an embedded firmware developer is programming the machines such as:

  • Cars
  • Microwaves
  • Smart TVs
  • High tech machines
  • Stoves
  • Fridges
  • and so on…

Programming of embedded firmware is not always a simple task.

Sometimes when you write code for those devices, the code will be store on the memory board which is not easy to change.

Instead of a software system, it will be written for the hardware and transistor layout of the chips on the board and almost impossible to change them.

Usually, it’s firm and controlled by the manufactures and not by the end-users.

Although there is a shortage of skilled programmers the average salary for the embedded firmware engineer is between $67K to $90K.

Skills required for embedded firmware engineers are C or C++, Debugging, Hardware system, Communication, Creativity and organizing.

How Much Money You Can Make as a Computer Programmer?

Computer programmers’ salaries are like the other professions and it is all based on their experience.

People with more than two years of experience can make money on an average of $75,000 to $150,000 per year.

Web developers usually make less compared to the object-oriented programmers.

Application programmers, who are just doing the coding making less than the application analysis.

Java programmers with few additional skills such as Big data and Database, and having more than 10 years of experience are making more than $180,000 in some highly secretive companies.

However, the percentage of being lucky to be hired by the right company with a fair salary is less than 12%.

Programming and coding is a tough job and requires a lot of logic, skills, and experience.

Although all the applications are made by the programmers, they don’t get the salary that they deserve.

There are big software companies that are making billions of dollars by using computer programmers skills and hiring them to create their applications.

The following questions were always in my mind:

  • How can I make money with being a computer programmer?
  • Where should I start?
  • Is there any other way of making money for computer programmers?

So, I decided to do some research and found out that I was just wasting my time and energy for others to become rich and staying in higher positions.

However, I made my decision and quit my day job which I wasn’t happy with, although everyone else wished to have the job I had, I let it go.

I realized that it is true when they say: it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know…

They’ll try to put you down and taking advantage of your knowledge because you don’t know any other options available for you.

Therefore, they will keep you busy enough to not be able to look around and realize the power of knowledge of being a computer programmer and what they can do.

1- How Can I Make Money With My Computer Programming Skills?

There are many ways of making money with your programming skills:

  • Become an IT consultant
  • Freelance Web developer
  • Running an online e-commerce
  • Having online business
  • Work from home on the internet
  • Blogging
  • Internet marketing

Many various ways of making money for skilled computer programmers that they can make three times more money than the average salary based jobs.

You can work only a few hours per day and make a lot of money without any headache.

All you have to do is to do some research and see what you like to do.

Some people are good at internet marketing and communication which is the best way of making money online with a lot of profit.

Others like to sell products and or become a supplier.

Affiliate business is always another way of making money online.

Make sure you have your website and make it work and get a lot of visitors.

Have self-confidence and always tell yourself that I can do it and be positive to win and stand out between all other competitors.

Computer programming is one of the multifunctional skills that not many people can have, so try to use it to move forward with success.


Computer programmers are the main reason for technological advancement.

I have a computer science background with many years of working in the information technology field in the software system.

Working as a programmer requires a lot of logic and focusing.

By being a computer programmer you make your boss rich and you stay as a regular employee with a limited salary.

It’s never late to start and use your skills and intelligence to make a fortune.

When you have the main and root of your talents you just have to believe in yourself and improve your self-confidence to start and go for it.

After ten years of working for various companies as a programmer, I decided to become my boss and make the money I deserve with my skills and educational background.

Good Luck with your choice!

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