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WordPress With No Skills Tutorials

In this WordPress tutorial for the beginners, you will learn WordPress with no skills required.

It Will be the easiest way to install and run your blog even without any web design or coding skills.

Before you start WordPress with no skills tutorial, you should get your domain and hosting account which I explained on my previous article and video.

Click here to register for your FREE domain and hosting account: 

Many business owners, especially the new business owners are looking for a web designer to design and develop their website.

This article will help you to create your own website without having any webdesign or coding skills.

Also, the cost of having your stunning website is going to be less than $100.

WordPress has so many features that you can use and take the advantages of the power of WordPress.

However, I am going to describe the basic setup of your website using WordPress to create your very first website.

You will have all the necessary features in your site and if you need to add any other additional features, you can contact me and I will be glade to help you with that.

Steps to Install Your WordPress With No Skills:

1- Login to your hosting dashboard and click on Build a New WordPress Site.

Install WordPress

2- Select a domain that you’re going to install the WordPress on from the drupe down list.

3- Leave the directory as it is and press the NEXT button.

Select your Domain

4- Fill out all the required fields in order to install the settings, such as the blog title, admin user, first and last name and the admin email.

5- Make sure the Automatically create a new database for this installation been checked.

6- Read and accept the term and agreement (strongly recommended).

7- Press the INSTALL button.

Blog Title in WordPress

8- Make sure to write down all the login information and save it in your computer or create a folder in your email and keep it there.

9- You can always change your password after you logged in.

WordPress Credentials

10- Login to your WordPress dashboard.

11- Your WordPress admin link is: yourdomainname/wp-admin

12- Enter your WordPress Credentials and login.

WordPress dashboard login

Create Your First Blog With WordPress With No Skills

The following is the WordPress tutorials step by step to create your first site with WordPress.

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Save the credentials (username and password) in order to login to your WordPress dashboard in the future as well.
  3. Check your email to login to your WordPress dashboard, the url to your WP dashboard is: http://yourdomainname/wp-admin
  4. Login

WordPress Settings

  1. Change the url settings of your site to show a short address by going to settings->Permalinks, then select the one in the image belowSite short url
  2. Install a theme for your WordPress blog, you can add new theme or download your favorite theme and upload it to your WP. There are many free themes as well as pay per installation premium themes which you can purchase as well.Themes
  3. Set your homepage display. Settings->Reading setting, then select your first page setting, you can select your last posts or static page such as about us.Site home page
  4. Setting the comments allow or permission, Settings->Discussion, then select the highlighted in the image that the comments must be approved by the admin before they post it.Comment permission
  5. Install Plugins,Plugins are useful to enhance the functionality of website/blog without having any coding knowledge.Go to WordPress dashboard, then go to Plugins > Add New.
  6. Use the search box to search a plugin.
  7. Click Install and then Activate.
  8. Then go back to plugins->Installed plugins, select the plugins one at a time and select the settings to adapt them based on your needs.Plugin installation
  9. I do recommend these plugins: Yoast SEO, Social Warfare, Contact Form Add Plugin

Create Your First Web Page

  1. Now we can write the first content to your site.
  2. Add a post, if you are writing a blog article. Posts->Add New, then write the title of your article in the editor page title section and then start writing on the body of your article.First Page
  3. Add a page, if you are writing a website. Pages->Add New, then the same process as writing your post, then you can save it as a draft if you are not done writing, or you can publish it when you are done.
  4. Publish your page.
  5. That’s it!

Setup your Contact Form

Having a contact form is one of the most important part of each website or a blog.

People should be able to send you a message and contact you.

Although you can just provide your email address but it is recommend it to have a contact form as well which is more convenient for the users.

Steps after you install your wp forms:

1- Hover over the WPForms and select ->Add new

2- Select the simple form since you are the beginner

3- Name your form and you can move the fields and re order them if you want to.

4- Save your form.

5- Copy the form code.

6- Hover over the pages-> add New -> Name your form-> past the form code and publish it.

New Page in WordPress No Skills

Contact form

What is WordPress and How to Use it?

WordPress is a free open source application (CMS) content management system that has been created with PHP and MySql.

You can make beautiful websites and blogs using the power of WordPress.

It has many beautiful themes that you can use to design your website with WordPress application.

There are many blogging applications that you can also use, but WordPress is one of the best and reliable application that is very user friendly as well.

Most of search engines are supporting WordPress blogs and websites.

It is very important for a site or a blog to be supported with the search engines.

SEO, can help your site to grow quickly and if you follow the SEO rules, your site will get the highest amount of visitors within a very short time.

You can always take the most advantages of easy to use features in the WordPress no skills needs, such as:

  • Themes
  • Widgets
  • Plugins
  • Settings
  • Database

All of those above features are making WordPress to be a very user friendly application.

That makes everyone to be able to take the advantages and making their own website within a very short period of time.

Plugin in WordPress and How Does it Works?

Plugins are the powerful tools in WordPress application that is very useful for people to create their website without writing any codes.

It is perfect for people without any programming or webdesign coding skills.

The plugins are light pre made apps that you can use them in your website or blog.

There is no need to do any programming or coding in order to use those plugins.

With the use of plugin you can add:
  • Forms
  • Social media sharing tools
  • Slide show or a gallery
  • SEO tools
  • Backup tools

and many more to your site with  WordPress no skills in this tutorial article.

If you ask a professionals to create your site with all those tools you should pay a lot of money to do that.

PHP and MySql in WordPress

WordPress is written with PHP and the database that’s been used for it is MySql.

Each time you create a WordPress website, the WordPress application creates a database right away for that specific domain and you don’t need to create a database separately.

All the pages in WordPress are written in PHP, which is a very powerful web application programming language.

If you are familiar with any programming language it is easy for you to understanding the codes and you might be able to change the codes for your own goods.

However, it is not necessary to make any changes in the already pre programmed PHP pages, since with WP, you can just change the theme and everything will change as well.

Every individual theme has it’s own PHP pages and CSS which makes them stand out with their features.

I do not recommend to make any changes to the codes, unless you are knowing what you are doing.

Since WordPress made it easy to use, already pre-designed themes there is no needs to be worried to change anything in the WP php pages.

Here are the steps to add a webform to your site:

You should go to the Plugins->Installed plugins, then select the webform then edit it.

Follow the images below to setup your contact form, it will fill out all the information automatically for you, all you have to do is to make sure all the information are correct.

Then, you have to copy the highlighted link.

Open a new page from, Pages->Add new, then name it: Contact Us.

Just past the link that you already copied and publish it.

Social Media Sharing Buttons Setup on Your WordPress

Having a social media sharing plugin is one of the most powerful tools in your site or blog for advertising your site.

People are able to share your articles with just a click which is amazing and very convenient.

Make sure to setup this feature and make it available for your site’s visitors.

Advertising and sharing your articles and contents in the social media is one of the best ways to show your products to the world.

You can create your social media’s pages and link it to your site as well.

That way, people can join your social media’s page as well and you can present your products and services as well.

The following Steps are How you Add a Plugin to Your Site.

You go to Plugins->Installed Plugins, then select the plugin that you have to finish the settings and click on the settings.

Then based on the plugin you chose, you just follow the instruction and then save it.

It will automatically appear on your site.

Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the standard website process that affects the visibility of your website to the search engines.

This tool in the WordPress, will help you to use the right amount of keywords and search engines rules that your site will become more visible in the search engines.

Helps with the readability of your site based on the standard rules of search engines.

Also analysis your keywords,  links (externals and internal) and the images as well.

When the SEO light is green means you are good to go and it is safe to publish your site.

It will help your site to stand out to bring organic traffics to your website through the search engines.

Since those people are more serious about your products and services, you can offer them your products and services.

Video Tutorial To Create Your First Blog With WordPress


There are many blogging application in the market that you can use in order to create your site or blog.

However, not all of them are practical and user friendly as WordPress is.

WordPress is free and supported by most of the hosting companies.

It is also very user friendly for the users and also for the search engines to be searchable and visible by the search engines.

You can find many many professional interfaces, for free or with a very small amount of price that you can adapt it for your web site.

Creating an e-commerce website is one of the most expensive website development that the developers can charge you for it.

Which you can easily create it with your WordPress theme that been designed just for e-commerce and online stores.

Also, there are many many plugins that you can install to make your site more functional and practical.

Please watch all my video tutorials as well, and make sure to subscribe in order to be inform about my future articles and get your free eBook.

Congratulations! You just created your first website without paying a single dollar to a Web developers.

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